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Back from Break Fantasy Football Update

Update those teams!

AC Milan v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Now that the international break is mercifully over—though it had a few exciting moments to be fair—I thought we’d do a quick check in on our fantasy league. If for no other reason than to remind myself to update my team.

With that in mind, here is our top 20. Pay no attention to the team in first place, they’re a “premium user”, which seems to mean they spent actual money to increase their point output, or something to that effect.

The Top 20

As you can see there are not one, not two but three teams in our top ten with names dedicated to Alessandro Florenzi’s grandmother (how sweet), and oddly enough one Inter Milan themed name...not sure how that got in there.

Numbers 21-40

No nods to nonna here, but the Great Cornholio of Beavis and Butthead fame makes an appearance. For those of you interested my squad, Bend it Like Bren, has fallen all the way to 52nd and if I’m not in the top 20 by mid season I’m cancelling the league!

Serie A kicks off at Noon eastern on Saturday when Juventus welcomes Lazio to the Juventus Stadium, or is it the J stadium now? Either way, be sure to update your teams if need be.