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Chelsea v. Roma: Champions League Highlights

What a match, couple twists of fate and Roma could have won this walking away.

Chelsea FC v AS Roma - UEFA Champions League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Yesterday’s match against Chelsea perfectly encapsulated the Roma experience. First you start off with a bit of optimism, not too much, you don’t want a big head, then BAM, they tear you asunder with flookly goals and/or shoddy defending. Then, against all hope, they come back, grab the lead only to let it slip away again.

Sometimes I’m not sure why we follow this club, but if nothing else it makes for some tense and exhilarating moments. Yesterday was no exception to this rule, in fact it may be the definition of that rule.

Roma fell behind that levelled and took the lead thanks to two moments of brilliance from Edin Dzeko, only to lose the shocking victory to some lax defending. Nevertheless, this was an entertaining match from start to finish and certainly points towards better days ahead.

Highlights in French because this guy really gets into it.