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Morata May Miss Both Roma Champions League Matches

Well, this is certainly good news.

Juventus FC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Alvaro Morata is certainly no stranger to Roma fans or those who follow Serie A in general. Having moved to Juventus from Real Madrid during the summer of 2014, Morata was seemingly a victim of Madrid’s standard absurd collection of talent, making his move to the Old Lady almost an inevitable eventuality. In parts of two seasons with Juventus, Morata scored 27 goals in just over 90 appearances in all competitions.

In short, his time in Turin was everything Real could have hoped for, so much so that they exercised their €30 million buyback option on the Spanish forward in the summer of 2016. And while Morata bagged 15 league goals for Madrid in only 1300 some odd minutes last year, they simply couldn’t resist Chelsea’s beckon calls, who promptly plopped down sixty million pounds to sign the 24-year-old. Suffice it to say, that investment has paid off thus far, as Morata has scored seven goals in only eight appearances (all comps), seemingly finding safety in the arms of Antonio Conte.

So, why are we talking about Morata on a Roma site you may ask? Simple, with back to back matches against Chelsea in the Champions League, odds are Morata would eat Roma’s defense for breakfast. So, it is with much schadenfreude that we relay the following information, he’s hurt!

Morata was diagnosed with a second grade hamstring injury in his left leg, one that will reportedly keep him out of action for up to two months. Now, will this actually be a two month injury? Nah, probably not. And while it could actually go beyond that (these things tend to linger), these reports tend to be exaggerated, so don’t go out and put next month’s mortgage payment down on Roma.

But, as we discussed after Roma’s victory over Qarabag, the Giallorossi’s path to the knockout stages is fraught with peril, and well you never want to wish ill-will on anyone (even though he tried to take out Kostas Manolas), any slight edge they can get will be a welcomed development.

So, get well Alvaro, but not too soon.