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Roma Halloween Special: Trick or Treat!

It’s almost Halloween so let’s see how our Roma players will disguise themselves. Start shivering!

AFC Bournemouth v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Watching Roma isn’t for the faint of heart so I guess the club AS Roma suits itself perfectly for a major Halloween makeover! Let’s find out which Halloween costume suits each player the best. After all, this is candy we’re talking about! You can never have enough lollipops, sweets, sugars, and candy bars, right?

Ok, let’s start with the frightening big men of the squad, the keepers.

Alisson: A werewolf. Magnificent hair: check. Beard: check. Imposing body: check. Big hands: check. I’d give him all my candy if he knocks on my door, that’s for sure!

Skorupski: Easy: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Flames in the eyes, awesome bad ass ninja suit, sword and chains... Yup, fear has a face, children.

Lobont: A skeleton. Quite logical since he’s the oldest member of the team.

Now the defenders, the guys who are made out of concrete and steel.

Fazio: Frankenstein. Damn, that’s one huge mothafuck*r! Quick, take all the candy I got and let me go!

Manolas: Jason from Friday the 13th. Ruthless, absolutely ruthless. Don’t mess with this one and give him what he wants or he’ll beat your ass.

Kolarov: Vampire. Old as time, but still thirsty for blood. Intimidating presence and very cunning, do not underestimate him. Be afraid of this one, very afraid!

Peres: A clown. Well, people laugh with him when he’s playing football, so might as well dress up like a clown, ey? But a creepy clown nonetheless, one that makes Pennywise look like a cute Barbie doll.

Moreno: Zombie. Some make-up, ripped poncho and two guns straight out of hell. A great combination, works every time.

Jesus: Edward Scissorhands. A bit clumsy at first, but don’t make him mad or he will unleash his wrath!

Florenzi: Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. Looks small and cute at first, but this is one smart as hell and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He’ll make you suffer if you don’t watch out (read: give enough candy).

Karsdorp: Hannibal Lecter. Just gives me the shivers whenever I see him. What a sinister presence. He likes human flesh, especially ACL’s...

Next up, the combative midfielders!

De Rossi: Undead pirate. Ow man, a pirate is already scary, but a frikkin’ DEAD zombie pirate? Run, bitch, ruuuuun!

Radja: A scarecrow. One of the scariest costumes out there, his body completely mutilated by creepy tattoos and he won’t quit until he has you in his claws. He’ll swim in candy when the night is over.

Strootman: Angry Batman. A deadly physical presence. Going at him with bare fists will surely end in death. Just lie down already and start bleeding. Or give sugar and hope the man is merciful.

Pellegrini: Ghostface from Scream. Quick, swift, agile. He still has a lot to learn from the real big names in the genre, but he’s getting there. He’s cutting and slashing his way to the top until he has earned enough candy.

Gonalons: Pumpkin Head. Not that intimidating at first, but always gets the job done thanks to his experience in previous Halloweens. He knows his business and every Halloween group needs a costume like this one.

Gerson: Chucky from Child’s Play. Relatively young and harmless at first sight, but can do some serious damage! Crazy in the coconut and a lose cannon, but a guarantee for success, if not this Halloween then the next one. Just keep a leash on him.

Almost there, here are the attackers!

Dzeko: Freddy Krueger. One of the ultimate baddies in this list, a true icon. He gives people nightmares (especially defenders in Serie A). The one with the most candy in the end, no doubt about it.

El Sharaawy: Michael Myers. The leading man of the Halloween movies so of course he’s a must if you go on a Halloween rampage. Can’t leave your home without that iconic mask. A lot of candy will go his way, a no-brainer.

Perotti: A witch. Loves to create magic and likes wizardry. A very fierce opponent and not to be messed with.

Schick: Leatherface. Tall, imposing. A classic costume but only a few men can pull this off. Only the most talented of the bunch can succeed in this, those who were born to scare people.

Defrel: Two-Face. Can be scary, can also be a rather average looking threat. Depends on which face wins. Gotta give him some time to find his groove and he’ll come good.

Cengiz Ünder: Girl from The Ring. Damn, what a creep! Young, looks almost innocent but so much talent for scaring the hell out of people! Under (pun intended) the guidance of experienced men he will be a bull’s eye for every Halloween in the near future!

Finally, the trainer!

Di Francesco: Pinhead from Hellraiser. The criminal mastermind behind it all. Very intelligent being, the man with a plan. Just give up, lie down, and start crying a river of sugar. Give him candy until he’s satisfied.

So guys, that was the list. If there are other iconic horror villains that creep you out but didn’t make it, don’t forget to share them in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to lock your doors tomorrow evening.... Muhahahaha!