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Player Ratings from Roma’s Scoreless Draw Against Chievo

AC Chievo Verona v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Even in a match as dull and frustrating as this we can weigh the relative pros and cons of EDFs eleven men today. Carlo returns to give us his take.~Bren

Alisson - (7.5) Alisson wasn’t given a whole lot to deal with, unlike his Veronese counterpart, but handled the game with expertise. He cleaned up whatever is defenders weren’t able to.

Kolarov - (8) Was a constant threat while rushing up the left side. He even tallied a few excellent attempts at goal. He played with vision and attacking spirit.

Juan Jesus - (7) He closed off a rush that would have put Chievo ahead. However, Juan Jesus appeared shaky at times when Chievo went on the offensive.

Fazio - (7.5) Fluffed a excellent opportunity in front of goal in the 21st minute. Fazio’s defensive efforts went noticeably well. He was often called upon to clean house when others couldn't. He’s the definition of “composure.”

Bruno Peres - (7.5) Almost assisted Chievo off of a free kick by playing toward our goal. Besides this, Peres was quiet, yet solid most of the game.

Nainggolan - (7) Nainggolan was lacking his typical, bombastic spirit. He was visibly frustrated at times with his play. However, he kept the midfield organized, didn’t maintain his usual level of accuracy. He does come alive when Dzeko graces the pitch.

Gonalons - (7.5) Kept the midfield in possession with expert control. Whether in the air or on the ground, Gonalons didn't allow for his team to be complacent.

Strootman - (8) Kept passes tight and accurate. He played with clear vision and intention He refused to let up.

El Shaarawy - (7) Performed the opening half very well. However, his touch began to deteriorate in the second half. He applied great pressure, but got sloppy in the second.

Shick - (7.5) Shick offered his side intensity on his first start. If not for Sorrentino, he would have been on the score sheet more than once tonight.

Gerson - (7) Played with speed and defended when needed. Sorrentino's superhuman, double save kept Gerson off the scoreboard.


Dzeko - (7.5) Coming on late, Dzeko could taste the goals. At his first attempt, hwas mere centimeters from Kolarov's service in front of the net. The big guy came on with a strong desire to score, but didn't find the net. He provided what Roma lacked.

Perotti - (7) Provided the touch needed in El Shaarawy's absence. His speed and grit remain his trademark attributes.

Ünder - (n/a) Came on at the 79th minute and had very little time to create an impact.


Di Francesco - (7) His team fought and attacked with ambition. If not for the insane saves from Chievo’s Sorrentino, we would have easily walked off with 3 points. They did deserve the win.