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Reports: New De Rossi Deal in The Works

DDR says NO to MLS

AS Roma v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Here at CdT we’re nothing if not table setters. Over the past ten days or so we’ve discussed the impending maelstrom of stress heading our way this summer, a large portion of which revolved around the uncertain future of Daniele De Rossi. DDR, soon to be 34-years-old, still has a few viable years left in his battle hardened legs, but his next port of call remained a point of controversy.

While De Rossi would (presumably) never suit up for another European club, there were the always persistent rumors that he’d take the easy road to retirement and play out the string in the MLS, presumably with Andrea Pirlo at NYCFC, there were also intermittent rumors that he’d head a bit further south to entertain the fine folks at La Bombonera with Boca Juniors.

However, before you start to fret, multiple outlets are reporting that De Rossi has, either officially or indirectly, said no to a move to MLS and is close to signing a two year contract extension with an option for a third. During our roundtable discussion, we tried to earmark an exact dollar value for DDRs next contract—while we love DDR, he by no means is worthy of being the highest paid player in the league anymore. And if these reports prove true, De Rossi’s deal will pay him approximately €3 million per season, or roughly a 50% pay cut.

While you won’t catch me shedding a tear for a millionaire, that’s a pretty steep reduction in pay, but nevertheless it will keep De Rossi in Rome for three more seasons, presumably to the end of his playing career. But you never know, he may press on till he’s damn near 40.

Either way, it seems as though we can cross an item off that summer stress list. More word when this becomes official.