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Player Ratings: Roma v. Crotone

Dr. Remus pens some arbitrary numbers.

FC Crotone v AS Roma - Serie A
Starting 11
Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Disclaimer: Dr. Remus is not a real doctor but his algorithms are world renowned. Using a traditional 10 point scale, his methods have been emulated by player rating writers around the globe. He has received the highest honors for player rating writing. His ratings cannot be contested.

Szczesny: 7- Few saves to make in the first half, only one sketchy back pass from Manolas to clear. Great save in the second half to deny number Diego Falcinelli.

Rudiger: 7- Pumped up and physical as usual. Played his role well.

Manolas: 6.5-Mostly a strong effort from the Greek. Proved his speed to stop Boadu Maxwell Acosty. Had a couple slipups but nothing too major.

Fazio: 8-A wall in the back. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. His vision with his passing is spot on as well. Almost nabbed a goal too. A commander indeed.

Paredes: 6-Not the best of days for Leo. Indecisive passes and poor free kicks. Strong defensive play, but lacking the creative, offensive output. Did well to help build up the second goal, but otherwise lackluster.

Strootman:7-The washing machine cleaned up play well in the middle of the park. He made up for what Parades lacked. His dribbling and pace looked exceptionally sharp today.

Peres: 7- Looked quick and committed today, making runs down the flank. Had a good rapport with Salah. His left foot could use some work.

Emerson: 7-Consistent and faultless on the left flank. Although he could be more adventurous, his steady play does well to balance the attack.

Nainggolan: 8.5-One of the best slide tacklers in the league. A true box-to-box effort and striker’s goal. He may not know how to tie his boots, but man, does he know how to turn and shoot.

Salah: 7-Did well to go to ground after contact in the box and was a constant terror to the Crotone defense. Appeared to be a little groggier than usual, perhaps some heavy legs from the African Cup. Tallied a right-footed assist.

Dzeko: 6.5-Another ghastly penalty miss by Roma’s highest scorer. Yet, always a dangerous presence and was unlucky to be denied by the woodwork. Easy tap-in thanks to a great team build up play.


De Rossi: 1 teabag of earl grey: Came on late and made some questionable passes. Clearly took some time to get into the pace of the game.

Rui: 3 Gold Dragons: Came on at the 87th to plunder some booty.

Perrotti: 100, Came on in injury time to earn the highest score for most atrocious tattoo.


Spalletti: 7- A strong lineup from the Tuscan. Nothing new with the 3-4-3 (or 3-5-2). Some may question his call to have Dzeko take penalties, however. But, fool me once, fool me twice… Surely the Bosnian has lost his spot as number two PK taker. Made some odd, late substitutions, but no fault there.


Carmine Russo and his Crew: 6.5- A little soft on some calls. The salah penalty was a little iffy, he never could have gotten to the ball, but there was clear contact. The linesmen made some wrong calls, but none prove too costly for either side.