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Cafe e Cornetto: Tuesday February 14

Your Valentines Day edition of the morning news and nuggets

Sometimes Love Can Be Scary.....

Welcome to the second Cafe e Cornetto! Here are today’s stories and such, with a few new additions:

Prime Pagine:

(We’re typically going to post the Rome edition of Corriere dello Sport. Tuttosport is Turin garbage that you wipe your behind with, Gazzetta is ‘aight, but we’re all here for Roma...)

English summary: Ignoring the steaming pile of goat stuff at the center of the page. Radja has decided “Roma for life” and rumors are that he will be signing an extension, if not now then at the end of the season. It is also rumored that he is willing to take a slight discount to stay in Rome. Marry me!


Rudi gonna Rudiger

As Roma, il backstage della foto di squadra (FOTOGALLERY) (

English summary: Roma took their official team photos yesterday. The link has a gallery of photos from the behind the scenes of the photoshoot. WARNING: Not for those who dislike seeing everyone in Phillip Plein. Which is probably everyone here. So I’m not really sure why I posted this to begin with....

As things stand in Serie A....

Serie A, Lazio-Milan 1-1: Suso risponde a Biglia (Corriere dello Sport)

English summary: Lazio and AC Milan finished up Giornata 25 with a 1-1 draw at the Olimpico last night. The result continues Milan’s fall down the table, and leaves Lazio -9 from Rome’s true club and out of the European places. Love it. Table above.

Ticket Info: Roma vs Napoli (

In case you are lucky enough to attend!

Mr. Wonderful doesn’t agree with James’ valuation...

Roma. Spunta investitore cinese (

Basically, Roma are looking for some more cash monay, and what better place to look than China! The catch? James values his company at a billion EUR, so a 10% stake would require an investment of 100 million. Wow.

Meme/Video/Gif of the Morning:

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Roma player who loved us all so much that he took his shorts off:

Morning Must Have:

(An occasional feature about all things Roma that you need to get your hands on!)

Today, it’s an amazing app that I had somehow not downloaded until this past weekend, and I am sure some of you will give me shit in the comments for not knowing about this already! I am in LOVE with it!!!

I woke up extremely early Sunday morning to find out that the announcers for the Crotone-Roma match on BeIN decided to sleep in rather than show up for work. Having a stream that didn’t look like it was filmed through a potato is something to celebrate, (along with the fact that my stream wasn’t in Russian) but I missed the commentary, especially as I needed something to wake me up (I kept falling back asleep throughout the first 30 minutes of the match). That is when I discovered the Carlo Zampa app.

Yes. Roma’s beloved announcer has his own app. Named after himself. And it’s amazing. Beyond all of the articles and other good stuff inside, all of his goal calls are uploaded just hours after the match ends. What more could you want? How about free streaming of his audio for every match?! Here I was, at 6am in my apartment in Miami, watching Roma on a reliable stream with Carlo Zampa leading me through it all. I was in heaven. I made an espresso, bit into a sfogliatelle, and I (almost) felt like I was in Rome. Follow suit, and you may just find yourself fluent in Italian and screaming “go-go-go-go-go-go-goaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll” in no time!

Download links: