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Video of the Day: Rock Bottom

One year ago today...the Maicon reaction

AS Roma v US Citta di Palermo - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Hard to believe that it has only been 12 months since Edin Dzeko arguably hit rock bottom. I was in the Olimpico that fateful night, as Maicon delivered a delicious cross to a wide open Dzeko. The only thing more wide open than him was the net, and Edin proceeded to somehow miss it.

Despite the fact that Edin actually buried two goals AND had two assists later on in this match, most will only remember the miss and Maicon’s infamous reaction following it. In fact, despite the amazing stat line, it seemed that this match was the official end in the Dzeko-experiment for TGIP, as Diego Perotti as a false nine became the common occurrence following this match (Dzeko would go on to start only two of the remaining twelve matches).

Well, now it is time to watch, laugh, forgive, and forget. This same man below is the current front runner for the ESM Golden Boot. Time to bring that prize back to Roma after a ten year hiatus. Daje Edin!