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Player Ratings: Roma v. Inter

Our newest contributor, Carlo, rates Roma’s performance on the road.

FC Internazionale v AS Roma - Serie A
Radja Nainggolan puts two past Inter
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Szczęsny - 7

Remained a spectator at the beginning; however, he came alive when needed and salvaged the very few mismanaged Inter attacks by his defensive line. He took a beating at times, and conceded one goal, but showed control the entirety of Roma’s victory.

Manolas - 8.5

Arguably the most solid defender of Roma’s back line. Shortly after Radja’s opening goal, Manolas blocked Joao Mario’s attempt in the 13th minute. It’s obvious why Manolas has so many queuing up for the possibility of his signature.

Fazio - 8

Fazio obviously did his homework before today’s match and worked the entire game to keep Icardi in check. His performance was consistent and was Roma’s wall keeping out the vicious Inter attacks.

Rudiger - 6

Seemed shaky at the beginning, but kept a close eye on Icardi’s movements. He was strong all game until momentarily letting his gaze drift, allowing Icardi to roam free and to put in Inter’s only goal.

Strootman - 7

Provided creative movements in the center and created ground for his teammates. He did well to win challenges and move the ball forward.

De Rossi - 6.5

Solid performance from the captain, apart from a few turnovers on his half. De Rossi held the midfield in his typical aggressive fashion. He definitely wasn’t going to let Inter have any ground unless they went through him first.

Jesus - 7

Jesus was quiet for the majority of the match, but remained solid and composed.

Nainggolan - 20

He was clearly the man of the match. With two goals of magnificent quality, he was unquestionably the thorn in Inter’s side. He showed guts and determination on the pitch.

Peres - 5.5

He was caught sleeping at times. His dozing almost cost Roma dearly after Nainggolan’s first goal. His poor defending almost let Inter equalize in the 13th minute.

Salah - 7

He remained quiet throughout the the match. He was got behind defenders and fought valiantly to maintain possession . By cutting to his left with his defender in tow, he gave Nainggolan room to knock in his second screamer of the match.

Dzeko - 7

He served at the top of Roma’s attack and established control. His ball to Nainggolan provided the first of Roma’s goals. Dzeko expertly drew a penalty from Medel that would count for Roma’s third goal of the night.


Perotti - 8

Perotti provided the footwork and speed Roma was lacking from Salah He converted a penalty to make the game 3-1 and sink Inter.

Paredes - n/a

He had very little influence over tonight's proceedings.

Vermaelen - n/a

Did not impact the game in any way after coming on as a late substitute.


Spalletti - 7.5

He orchestrated an undeniably strong performance. The switches made before the match were a bit risky, but the Tuscan had faith in the players and their abilities. It was evident that all on the pitch knew their roles and maintained them the duration of the game.


Paolo Tagliavento & Co. - 7

The referee and his crew remained firm. They made all of the right calls in such a contested gathering, but maintained authority over all the happened. Tagliavento’s decision regarding the penalty when Mendel took Dzeko down in the 85th minute was appropriate.