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Which Summer Storyline Has You Most Stressed?

Summer is months away, but we’ve got time on our hands, so let’s stress out.

Udinese Calcio v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

Idle hands, as they say, are the devil’s playground. While this puritanical adage was probably created to curb self abuse among the parishioners, it’s equally applicable to our current situation. In the midst of an odd Roma-less streak (no match until Tuesday), we’re left to our own devices, which can mean only one thing: time to stress over the club’s litany of looming summer decisions.

With several days in between matches, we’ve already been subject to rumors of Luciano Spalletti leaving for Juventus, a scheme that somehow enveloped Arsene Wenger and Max Allegri, and a reported €50 million offer from Inter Milan for Kostas Manolas. Point being, summer is rapidly approaching, and as usual, it will be fraught with uncertainty.

Rather than discussing each one at length, we’ll do a quick rundown of the major stories, then turn the discussion over to you: which rumor has you most vexed? Which one is likely to come to fruition.

So, without further delay, here we go.

#1 Kostas Manolas and The Transfer Market

He’s young, athletic and incredibly talented, and he’s already drawing the eyes of some incredibly well-heeled clubs. We mentioned Inter Milan, but we can probably add Arsenal and a host of other EPL clubs as well. Given that attention and his track record, Roma could make a quick forty to fifty million off of this one.

#2 Daniele De Rossi’s Contract

We covered this one at length earlier this week, but in sum, Romas second-favorite son will soon be without a contract. With age no longer on his side, as well as stated desires to play in the States and/or Argentina, this may not be an open and shut case. He can still play at a high level, but as we’ve seen with this administration, contract extensions are no simple matter.

#3 Luciano Spalletti’s Contract

See above. Spalletti has been a revelation since returning to Roma, placing the club among the continent’s most prolific over the past year (in terms of points won), all while constantly adapting and reacting to his opponents and the whims of his player’s ACLs. He’s been an incredible success, but has he done enough to warrant long-term consideration?

#4 The Stadio della Roma

After being dealt blow after blow, the once grand project is suddenly on the ropes after being shot down by the Regione Lazio and rebuked by the mayor of Rome. Can James Pallotta and friends conquer the red tape, or are we destined for disappointment?

#5 The Buybacks

Roma has a host of buy back clauses for some incredibly talented youngsters, chief among them Lorenzo Pellegrini, but will they exercise them, or will youth be denied once more?

#6 Franck Kessie

This one is directly related to points three and five, and depending on who you ask, Roma was prepping a near €30 million offer for the young midfielder, a lofty sum for a club like Roma. You’ll want to pay close attention to this rumor because it will directly impact the futures of De Rossi, Pellegrini and even Leandro Paredes.

We’ll leave it at that for now, so what do you think? Which one makes you feel queasy?