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Radja Nainggolan: “I hate Juventus”

Marry me, Radja.

Juventus FC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Yesterday we discussed the unique relationship between Roma, her most ardent supporters and the players lucky enough to call Rome their place of birth. For a variety of reasons, Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi and Alessandro Florenzi have each endeared themselves to one of football’s most ravenous fanbases, and sure, much of that is born from the fact that they are Romans, but every so often a foreign interloper enters those good graces.

In years past it was Philippe Mexes or Nicolas Burdisso, but the man currently carrying that standard is running laps around all his adopted brethren. Radja Nainggolan, in mind, body and in spirit, embodies everything we have come to love about this club—the pride, the passion, the elation and even the despair. Whether he’s launching 30-yard-bombs, tearing opponents limb from limb or stretching the limits of the term “moisture wicking”, Nainggolan, despite a passport that says otherwise, is about as Roman as they come.

And man, oh man, did he earn some brownie points today. Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, Nainggolan revealed what we’ve long expected and hoped for, he’s one of us; he hates Juventus.

I hate Juventus because they always win with a penalty or a free-kick

I am one who is against Juve...I hate Juve, always. At Cagliari I’d have given my balls to beat Juve, at the Juventus Stadium I always drew with Cagliari against Juve.

They won the Scudetto against us when we were in Trieste. I hate them because they always win with a penalty or a free-kick. I came to Roma to win something against Juventus, who always had help. If we don’t win the Scudetto we’ll win the Coppa Italia, I tell you that.

He hates Juve so much HE’D GIVE HIS BALLS TO BEAT THEM!

If you ever had any doubt about Nainggolan’s fealty to the crest, consider them erased. Get this man a lifetime contract, asap!