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VotD: You’re the One

15 years and 3 children later, we look back on a positive time in Roma history

After all of the depressing results of late, my liquor cabinet is empty so I guess it’s time to take a trip back down memory lane to happier times.

15 years ago today, Montella went “delirious for all of us” (according to Zampa himself) and went full poker against the goats, securing his legacy as a Roman and Derby GOAT.

Meanwhile, a young Francesco was crazy for his girlfriend, crazy enough to pull off an audacious chip and finish it with a t-shirt celebration. Three children later, Ilary is still the one for Francesco, and he’s still the one for me (and many of you here).

Oh, and Lazio got the shit kicked out of them and were completely embarrassed. That’s always a plus! 5-1. Never forget.