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Match Ratings: Roma v. Palermo

Dr. Remus crosses sevens and dots lower case js

SS Lazio v AS Roma - TIM Cup
The one, the only.
Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Disclaimer: Dr. Remus earned his degree in quantum physics at the California Institute of Technology. His ratings are irrefutable, thus any disagreement with his point system is simply foolhardy. Any attempt to differ in opinion will not be acknowledged, and anyone willing to do so will be subject to tar and feathering.



Szczesny—7— Spared a volcanic blush after an own goal was disallowed to a dubious offside call. Made a great, one-handed save to deny Diamanti and had several lunges to punch the ball out. Kept a clean sheet, which bodes well for the defensive team’s confidence.

Rudiger—6— Missed a chance to score on a free kick, using the outside of his boot rather than throwing himself into a diving header. Defensively, he was quick, strong, and always eager to go in hard on a challenge. Nearly made a costly mistake giving the ball away at the beginning of the second half. Then, made several notable misplaced passes that could have cost the team dearly.

Fazio—6.5— Along with Rudiger, looked a bit nervous before the first goal. Yet, he came into his own, showing his size and strength on numerous occasions. He seems to have lost some of his form as of late, giving away cheap balls and showing hesitation at times.

Jesus—7.5— Solid game... I can’t believe it. Personally, I’ve ridiculed this man so much, but he is proving himself on the pitch, becoming almost a necessary fixture in the starting eleven. Dear Rrrraun, I’m sorry.

Peres—6— Poor passing yet again from the Brazilian. His pace and dribbling were superb when he chose to use them, but most times he opted for a timid approach. Clearing the ball proved nearly impossible for the right midfielder, although he dusted off the match with a goal.

Paredes—8— Bossed the midfield all game. Calm and collected on the ball, nearly yet another lightning strike goal. Overall, a tight, clean game for the Argentine. He looked like a veteran out there.

Grenier—8— Shaky start with several misplaced passes. Great vision with a one-time cross for the assist. His creative passing plays are exactly what Roma has been missing. Nearly replicated the first goal with pinpoint pass. As minutes wore on, he grew more and more comfortable on the ball, becoming a focal point to Roma’s attack. Just the game the Frenchman needed to get his coach’s attention. Sad to see him subbed off so early.

Rui—6.5— Mediocre game. Looked decent on the attack, but defensively he left a lot to be desired.

Nainggolan—7— Still looked leggy out there, begging the question: why was he not rested? Missed a golden chance to make it 2-0 before the half. Even a tired Nainggolan is better than most, so although it wasn’t his best game, the effort was there. Provided a beautiful lob to Dzeko for the second goal.

Salah—7— Usual play from the Egyptian, always running at defenders, drawing double coverage to open up play for others.

El Shaarway—7.5—Striker’s eye for the first goal. Prowled and sprinted like a hungry wolf. Almost had a spittin’ image of the first goal when Grenier lofted a curler towards him.


Dzeko—7— Came on for Grenier in the 63rd minute. It was a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde game for the Bosnian. 2015/16 Dzeko emerged as he rocketed a volley into orbit from 4 yards out. Minutes later 2016/2017 Dzeko controlled the ball down with his chest and passed the ball into the net for Roma’s second goal.

Strootman—7— Came on for El Sharrway in the 72nd minute. Provided a sweet assist to Peres for goal number three.

DDR—N/A— Came on in the 80th and gave away his first two passes. Nothing much else after that.


Andrea Fulignati—3—Stuck on his line for the first goal. Perhaps came out too far off his line for the second as Dzeko was pushed wide. Fool me once, fool me twice... fool me three times, the keeper just didn’t know when to come off or stay on his line. Gifted Peres a third goal by coming out to no man’s land.

Sinisa Andelkovi—6— Not the best game from the defender as he had to deal with Salah all night.

Thiago Cionek—5— Had several shaky defensive clearances and had a difficult time out-muscling Dzeko.

Haitam Aleesami—6.5— Molested Rudiger all night with his pace and agility. Made the German look like a novice on several occasions.

Michel Morganella—5— Looked lost on the first goal, allowing El Shaarway to run right through him.

Bruno Henrique—N/A— Chi? I honestly don’t recall anything of note.

Ivaylo Chochev—N/A— Chi Redux? See above.

Alessandro Gazzi—6— Booed by his own fans for needless back passes, yet showed aggressive play. Missed an opportunity outside of the box. Slipped on several occasions which nearly proved costly.

Ilija Nestoroski—6—Had a goal (own goal?) disallowed to an offside call.

Carlos Embalo—7—Quick and dangerous when given the ball. Decent hold-up play as well. Surprising that he was sacrificed for Diamanti.

Roland Sallai—6— Placed a skillful back heel flick straight into the hands of Szczesny, nevertheless a great effort.


Diamanti—7.5— Made an instant impact on the game, coming in for Embalo at the half. He almost scored in the 50th minute. Served as a playmaker on counter-attacks throughout the second half. Was definitely Palermo’s brightest player this evening.

Lo Faso:—N/A— Came on in the 74th minute to little effect.


Linesman 7: Perhaps got it wrong on the Szczesny own goal, but can’t really blame him as it was hard to see exactly if the ball was touched or not. Besides that, he had a decent game in perhaps one of the sport’s hardest jobs.

G. Rocchi —9— Respectable officiating from Rocchi. Proved accurate with his calls and bookings. Kept the game flowing and drama-free. Well done.


Spalletti—8— Finally rotated his lineup around to rest key players. It paid off. But where was this weeks ago? The crossing strategy seemed inappropriate at first, but it proved vital for the first goal. Bringing on Dzeko later on was wise as the Bosnian slotted home a Eden-esque goal to finish off the match. Perhaps Nainggolan should have been given a rest, but otherwise it was strong lineup from the Tuscan. I do question his decision to bench Totti as I read that he had stated, “Totti will start.”

D. Lopez—7—I mean, what can the guy do with what he has? The only fault was removing Embolo who could have tested a slow Fazio all game. He instilled a fighting spirit, opting for an attacking side over one who sits back all game. One feels his time is nearing an end at Palermo who sit in a relegation battle.

Commentary (BeIN Sports 6):

Whittle—10— I love this man. His inflections are just pure class. I wish he could commentate my life. Although I wonder if he is Roma biased, he nevertheless embellishes the game with his witticisms and word choice.