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Player Ratings: Roma V. Sassuolo

Dr. Remus brings out the ol’ calculator for match day 29

AS Roma v US Sassuolo - Serie A
A lot to love
Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Disclaimer: Dr. Harry Remus has been under scrutiny as of late, receiving criticism for his proven numerical rating system. So, listen closely: the ratings you are about to see are calculated using a concise algorithm. Here is is in its entirety:

(1p + 1a +1d) - (1i +1e +1o) x (1.6m + 1.3p) = Perfect Rating


Szczesny - 7 - After a shaky start, the Pole came into his own, making great saves to deny Politano and Defrel. He kept his team in the game, which proved vital in Roma’s second half push.

Rudiger - 6.5 - Can’t pass with his left foot, looked uncomfortable when distributing the ball. Missed a header that could have leveled the game. But overall, a decent defensive showing from the German.

Fazio - 6.5 - Physical play from the big man. His slow pace was exposed at times. That said, what an “assist” for the second goal, making a brilliant interception then a concise through-ball to El Shaarway. Lost his focus in the second half, nearly assisting a goal to Matri. Luckily, Matri is equally as slow.

Manolas -7 - Quiet in the first half, did well to bottle up Berardi after the goal. Saved Fazio on several occasions, using his pace to clean up the Argentine’s mistakes.

Peres - 5 - Ghastly crosses from the Brazilian. Just hasn’t found his form, running around like a headless chicken. Spalletti was right to sub him off in the second half.

Paredes - 7.5 - Had several missed passes, but always ran hard and fought back to win the ball. And what a finish from the Argentine! The kid’s got to take more shots outside the box! Hacked Berardi down and showed a fierce side not often seen. The lad is coming into his own, proving that he deserves a starting spot.

Strootman - 8 - Great vision and strong defending. The epicenter of Roma’s attack. Had a good rapport with Salah, constantly feeding him over the top balls. Gave a cool assist to Dzeko for the third. His positioning was stellar, always in the right place at the right time.

Emerson- 6.5 - Unlucky to hit the post on a rocket shot in the first half. Showed great sprinting ability to get back and defend on the counter. However, he lost focus at times and made some risky clearances. All in all, a decent game.

Nainggolan - 6.5 - Always a fighter, but dropped too deep at times. Wasn’t as much as a presence as usual, overshadowed by the midfield brilliance of Strootman. His final ball was lacking today.

Salah -7.5 - Quick as ever, constantly making runs behind the Sassuolo defense. Played a smart layoff to Paredes for the first goal Was hungry enough to pounce on the ball for the second goal, making Peluso look like an amateur. Still needs work with shooting with his right.

El Shaarawy - 6 - Had a difficult time adapting to the center forward position. His touch left a lot to be desired. Did well to read Fazio’s pass which lead to the second goal, but otherwise not the best match from the Italian.


Dzeko - 7.5 - Came on for Peres and nearly scored a header on a set piece. Had a well hit volley denied by Cogigli. Again was on the scoresheet with a classic Eden goal.

Perotti- 6.5 - Came on for Salah and made an immediate impact, making his usual cutting dribbles. Yet, he could have bagged a goal or at least an assist late in the game if it were not for some indecisive movements and poor passing.

DDR - N/A- Made a cameo for Parades in the 85th.


Consigli - 7 - Couldn't’ do much on Paredes’s goal and will rue his defense corps on the second. Wasn’t really his fault on the third either. He made some great saves this evening, keeping the scoreline respectable.

Letschert - 6 - Busy on the right hand side, playing physical against Emerson. Was rightly booked for a vicious tackle on the Brazilian.

Acerbi - 5.5 - Kept El Shaarway in check, making him look foolish by shutting down his aimless dribbling, but his slowness was exposed time an time again. Had trouble dealing with Dzeko in the second half.

Peluso - 4 - Maybe choosing number 13 was a bad idea. Was like a feather in the wind, falling over and missing the clearance for Roma’s go-ahead goal. At first it looked like a push, but on replay it was clear the defender lost his balance. He also made some poor clearances.

Dell'Orco - 6 - Quiet game for the midfielder. Had a dreadful pass in the second half which called upon Consigli for a last ditch save.

Pellegrini - 6.5 - Great vision on some passes, and several quick runs. Showed promise.

Missiroli - 6 - Nice ball control, but could never deliver a deadly pass, which Sassuolo dearly needed.

Duncan - 6.5 - Quick and dangerous, but like many others vanished in the second half. His play was much more defensive when he really needed to provide passes to the forwards.

Berardi - 7 - Dangerous playmaker, and a great assist for Sassuolo’s only goal. Disappeared in the second half.

Defrel - 7.5 - Missed a chance early on but came back with an excellent finish for the first goal of the evening. He showed why Roma should have signed him in January, constantly making blistering runs. Nearly scored a cheeky back heel, yet also missed some easier chances.

Politano -7.5- Denied by Szczesny on numerous occasions and troubled Roma with his pace. Was smart to dummy for the first goal. Showed some clever control and ball movement. Proved to Roma that he is worth keeping.


Matri -6- Came on for Defrel in the 56th minute to the relief of every Roma fan. Will rue not capitalizing on a free ball from Fazio.

Ricci - 6 - Came on and made some encouraging plays, but didn’t have any effect on the game.


Luciano Spalletti -7- Going with the three-man backline was a gamble yet again. Luckily, Sassuolo’s finishing was dreadful today. For the last month Roma’s defense has been exposed and tonight was no different. Sassuolo was smart to attack the wings, highlighting Roma’s void. Emerson and Peres are great on the attack, but they push too high and are unable to track back at times. All that said, Spalletti was victorious over his rival in the other locker room, implementing a dominating style of play. Whatever was said at the half proved vital to Roma’s aggressive play.

Eusebio Di Francesco - 6 - Opted for an attacking formation, leaving open space for Roma to fill, which will weight heavy on his mind. If his team had put away their chances the scoreline would have been more kind to the Italian. Perhaps a more defensive approach after taking the lead would have been wise. They were absolutely nonexistent in the second half. Safe to say that Mr. Di Francesco got it wrong this evening.


MARCO DI BELLO- 10- Great officiating tonight from Bello and his crew. Rarely got a call wrong, kept the players in check. The only bummer was Strootman’s yellow card for time wasting at the end of the game, which means he’ll miss out on Empoli, but that was hardly the officiant's fault.

Commentators (BeIN 3):

Whittle and Visca- 10- Great rapport between the two announcers. Dare I say a better duo than Hudson and Schoen?