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Totti’s Anniversary, Monchi’s New Deal & More

Lots of goings on with Roma today.


It was a rather typical day around the Romasphere. While the morning started off heralding the 24th anniversary of Francesco Totti’s club debut, the tide of good feelings didn’t stop as Roma reportedly have signed Monchi to a three year deal as Roma’s new director of sport. This was, of coursed, buttressed by the site of Daniele De Rossi walking on crutches after Italy’s 2-1 victory over the Netherlands today. The lesson, as always, we simply can’t have nice things.

On the first hit of news, the club bombarded us with clips and gifs galore. I liked this one in particular:

Anytime you can combine Francesco Totti, Bill Clinton and Pulp Fiction, you have to do it. But seriously, when you think of how much the world has truly changed during Totti’s career, his longevity seems even more astounding.

Er Pupone took to Twitter himself to thank everyone for their support:

Of course, we celebrated Totti’s debut with Remus’ lovely take on Totti’s signature move, the backheel. Check it out, definitely one of the best pieces we’ve had on CdT in weeks.

But back to the matter at hand, the impending arrival of Monchi. Multiple outlets are reporting that the deal is done and dusted, with Monchi manning the helm at Roma for the next three years, though there is a small matter of a €5 million buyout clause with Sevilla that must be negotiated prior to making this official.

Good news all around, right? Yeah, not so much.

After 36 solid minutes on the pitch against the Dutch, DDR took a knee to the back and was forced out of action, and was later seen leaving the stadium on crutches. While the injury isn’t believed to be serious, if you’ve ever taken a direct hit to the back, you know just how stiff it can make you feel, often lingering for several days. Suffice it to say, De Rossi is in doubt for Roma’s match against Empoli on the first.

Well that’s about all she wrote for this evening edition of caffe e cornetto. Until next time, Ciao.