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Caffè e Cornetto: Wednesday April 12

Morning Updates, Including How Roma are THE Unluckiest Team in Europe

AS Roma v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Prima Pagina: Corriere dello Sport - Rome Edition

English summary: Dybala is the new Messi. As much as I despise Juve, I love calcio and hate Barcelona probably more than any club out there. Yesterday’s result was beautiful. As for Roma, we get the upper left corner: Monchi to be in Rome on the 27th, attend the derby.


Roma: The Most Unlucky Team in all of Europe!

According to a study by el Pais, Roma have had the worst luck of any team in Europe when it comes to an easy draw in the CL knock-out stages. The study dates back to 2003/04, and only considers teams that have had a minimum of 6 “draws” since then (look at that, Roma have made more knockout round draws than Man City!). The graphics below are great, but a quick look back at those teams we drew shows it much easier:

06/07 - Round of 16: Lyon

06/07 - Quarter Finals: Manchester United

07/08 - Round of 16: Real Madrid

07/08 - Quarter Finals: Manchester United

08/08 - Round of 16: Arsenal

10/11 - Round of 16: Shakhtar Donestsk

15/16 - Round of 16: Real Madrid

Totti: restaurato il murales a Rione Monti (

English summary: Yes. The Totti mural in Rione Monti is restored (once again!) Defaced with anti-semitic graffiti on February 15, the mural is back to being beautiful. Get there while you can (looking at you Jimmy)! The mural is constantly being graffitied by Laziale, to the point where it’s been defaced each of my last three trips to Rome.

Calciomercato Roma, De Rossi un anno di contratto a 3 milioni (

English summary: Latest in the DDR extension saga is that Roma are offering a one year deal worth 3 million. His agent wants a two year deal, and there’s a laughable list of clubs that the media claims will make a offer to him at the same insane 6 million salary (Juve, Inter, Chelsea, etc....the usual suspects)

Genoa CFC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Calciomercato Roma, ipotesi Simeone come vice Dzeko (

English summary: Rumors that Giovanni Simeone, son of that crazy Laziale Diego, could be looked at as a solution to the vice-Dzeko issue this summer.

Emerson, azzurro ma senza gioia. Stop di un mese (

English summary: Good news? Emerson Palmieri got his first “call-up” for Italy this week, for a quick training camp at the national team facilities. Bad news? His injury has flared back up, and he’s expected to miss a month now. Classic Roma.

Meme/Video/Gif of the Morning:

How Mario does airport security. Note that CdT does not promote that you try this, as you may end up dragged out of the airport against your will, especially if you’re flying United.

How Balotelli passes through airport security

Posted by Italian Football TV on Saturday, April 8, 2017

Morning Match Information:

Follow this link for information on obtaining tickets for the final derby of the season, a “home” derby against Lazio, on April 30. FYI, tickets are half the price of any of the ICC friendly tickets, so if you can swing a trip to Rome on miles or something, you’d be saving money and watching a real derby!