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Totti Today #114: Worries about Wikipedia

Once again, Roma risk ending the season with empty hands. So what went wrong this time?

AS Roma v SS Lazio - TIM Cup Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Well, we all saw it coming but I didn't expect it to be this painful. After the L&L losses (Lyon, Lazio), Roma bounced back and defeated both teams at the Olimpico... just not with the right scoreline. Lyon fell to a 2-1 defeat which was just enough for the Frenchies to ensure them qualification. Roma got the better of Lazio on Tuesday, 3-2, but again, a mere one goal difference didn't suffice as Rome's blue side will go to the final of the Coppa Italia and not the red one. Yeah, that's Roma for you.

After both the EL and Coppa elimination, Roma now needs to put all its eggs in one basket: Serie A. Just like last season. Aaand the season before. Aaaaaand the season before. While the Scudetto isn't a distant dream just yet (let's say an uphill struggle and challenging task sound better), Lenny Kravitz was right: "It ain't over till it's over". The Giallorossi narrowed the gap at the top by 2 points last weekend, there's still Roma-Juventus in which we can get a better head-to-head result + Juve still have Coppa and Champions League fixtures to worry about.

One might say they're fed up with the Scudetto for now and are aiming for trophies like the Champions League, yet they have such a deep and talented squad, they can easily concentrate on all three fronts. Nonetheless, Roma will be more rested than Juve from now on until at least May, so we got to benefit from that to at least reduce the gap some more before Allegri and co visit the Olimpico at May 14. FC Barcelona is next for Juve so obviously they're thinking about that one and not Chievo or Pescara.

In fact, Juve have dropped points in two of their last four games in Serie A, something that has happened for the first time this season. Sadly, out of all the remaining matches on their schedule, only two teams can realistically give them trouble: Roma and Atalanta away. So yeah, fingers crossed I guess. It's Roma's only goal right now, to finish as close as possible.

While Serie A has always been a long and winding road ever since Conte took over at Juve, the Europa League and Coppa were more doable this time around. To be fair, Spalletti and co were in a great position back in March. Over the past years Roma had the advantage in derbies while in Europe, out of all teams only ManU could be seen as a threat. Soooo, we all know how that worked out.

Roma faltered in both Lyon and Lazio, but did win the return legs. Alas, it was just a tiny band aid on a huge bloody flesh wound. For the umpteenth time, Roma and its fans could be looking at a rather disappointing end of the season. At times we played spectacularly and some players really impressed under Spalletti: Fazio, Woj, Salah, Dzeko and Radja for example. But it still wasn't enough. A first prize since 2008 looks more and more difficult after every week.

Was it fatigue? Not enough rotation? A too busy schedule? Loss of concentration? Did Spal use the wrong subs or formations? Florenzi and Rui's injuries? Is this AS Roma simply not up for the task (yet)? What needs to change in order to bring home some silverware? Kick Spal out? Sell Manolas or Radja and buy some reinforcements? Once again we're left with a lot of questions after a Roma game, it never ends it seems.

Ironically and after all the drama recently, Roma are still doing great for its standards. They won 7 of the last 8 games in Serie A and just won five games in a row, in all competitions. They can still easily reach 80+ points in the league, maybe even surpass the record 85 points set by Garcia's team.

So what the hell are we exactly complaining about? It's not that it was a lot better under Zeman, Enrique or Garcia. Will we never be satisfied? Of course not. We see the bigger picture. What's the point of all your wins if nobody remembers them after two or three years? Will someone remember the 0-3 in Palermo or 0-2 in Crotone?

No, people do remember Coppa and European finals or Scudetto winners since 1990. You know, things that look good on a Wikipedia page. After all these nice wins in 2016-2017, Roma could still be left empty-handed in May, just like at the beginning of the season. Some things never change, do they?

Damn you Wiki, for making me feel this way!