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Caffè e Cornetto: Tuesday May 16

Post Roma-Juve News and Notes

AS Roma v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Prima Pagina: Corriere dello Sport - Rome Edition

Make it a doppio! Yesterday’s after the victory, and then this mornings:

English summary: Radja wants a meeting with Monchi to say that he wants to stay and not be sold (and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a slight pay raise as well). Also DDR’s contract seems to be on the way.

Isn’t it funny how after you lose to Lazio, Radja is gone and DDR is heading to America. Then you beat Juve and everything is pink fluffy rainbow unicorns. Oh Italian media...


Calciomercato Roma. Occhio alla pista Kovacic (

English summary: Starting off with some transfer rumors, it seems that Monchi has given up on the pursuit of Franck Kessie. And since Roma can never be linked to too many midfielders, the new Roma DS now has his eyes on Torino’s Daniele Baselli and ex-Inter starlet Matteo Kovacic. The Real Madrid midfielder was wanted by Monchi to replace Banega at Sevilla last summer.

FC Internazionale v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Szczesny: “Futuro? Sono un giocatore dell’Arsenal, quando finirà il prestito…” (

English summary: Woj on his future: “When the loan is over, I am an Arsenal player...”. He said that he will take a few months off and decide during the summer what he wants to do regarding his future club.

Anyway, he also said that he had his worst season of his career the year before coming to Roma, and he believes he is currently finishing up his best season yet (no one would argue that!) He also commented on how incredible it was to play with Totti and against Buffon, and mentioned that how Juve are the favorites because they always have 25 players ready to play each week (possibly a little hint at Roma’s obvious lack of quality depth?)

Roma-Genoa, Pallotta sarà all’Olimpico per l’ultima di Totti (gazzettagiallorossa)

English summary: The president is coming! The president is coming! Pallotta will be in Rome for the final match of Totti. If he will be cheering that Totti is retiring or even be at the match remains to be seen. He may end up in an emergency stadium strategy meeting like last time.

Meme/Video/Gif of the Morning:

Re-dub of the Roma-Juve press conferences:



Posted by Italian Football TV on Monday, May 15, 2017

Match of the Morning:

Zampafied Roma-Juve. This will live on as a classic. Have to love the embed shot of Diego Perotti’s nose being broken due to excessive celebrations.

Roma Juve 3-1 - I gol

Roma Juve 3-1 tutti i gol giallorossi con il commento di Carlo Zampa

Posted by ErmeS79 on Monday, 15 May 2017

Anddd a bonus: The RomaRadio guys losing their shit after Radja scores:

Roma-Juventus 3-1, il gol di Nainggolan con Paglia e Rossi!

[PACATEZZA] "RADJAAAAAAAAA" "Me fa male tutto" Il gol di Radja Nainggolan è stato salutato con la consueta serenità da Alessandro Paglia e David Rossi.

Posted by Roma Radio on Monday, May 15, 2017