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A Totti Top Five: Goals

Our attempt to narrow Totti’s 316 career goals down to his five best

Chievo v Roma

As we potentially head into the final week of Francesco Totti’s time at AS Roma, we’ll be taking a look back all week at his nothing short of legendary career. Today’s post is all about the goals. Between club and country, Totti has scored only 316 of them. While countless of them were absolute beauts, we’re going to take a look at the five that are the best of the best. Here we go!

5) Roma 1 Juve 0 - Aurelio’s Rocket

In a season to forget, Totti was of course the bright spot. Autumn of 2012 was the return of Zemanlandia, an experiment that some say failed while others will say it wasn’t given a fair chance. Either way, the return of the chain smoking Czech gave Francesco yet another life at what was then considered a late point in his career. Following il boemo’s dismissal, Aurelio Andreazzoli was appointed interim manager and quickly faced a stern test against Juventus. In typical fashion, he and the club were saved by the Bimbo d’Oro, who hit an absolute rocket past a hapless Gigi Buffon. Not a bad hit for a 37 year old! Sempre lui!

4) Italy 0 Netherlands 0 - 2000 European Championships Semi Final

Yet another Azzurri sleeper pick here at spot number four. Before Andrea Pirlo became a world sensation for his Panenka penalty vs England in Euro 2012, Totti had done it 12 years earlier and with even more style. So much was on the line for the young Roman and his country, as a win would place Italy in the final. Of course that meant Totti stepped up and hit the cheekiest penalty of all time, with coach Dino Zoff watching on and nearly having a heart attack.

3) Roma 3 Sampdoria 1 - The Run

For some of the younger and newer fans around here, this goal (and the next) show just how dominant Totti was in his earlier years (funny part is that he was already in his later twenties when he scored both goals). Totti had everything he still has now; the vision, expert passing, and deft touch/foot skills. Add in the athleticism, pace, and strength he had at a younger age and you have an absolute world class talent. In this one, he picked the ball up at midfield and proceeded to dribble through the entire Sampdoria defense before scooping the ball over the helpless keeper. If Messi scored this, the entire world would be losing their mind.

2) Roma 3 Inter 2 - The Cucchaio Heard Round the World

I feel like this is always one of the bigger questions and fun discussions when it comes to Totti’s legendary career. I would say most people consider this goal and number one as the undisputed top two, but which one of those is the true number one is always up for a fun debate.

Anyway, back to the goal itself. Totti picked up a loose ball in the midfield and took off up the pitch. He proceeded to beat not one, not two, but three men and took a quick look up at the goal. Note the men that he beat on the way to that goal: Zè Maria, Cambiasso, and Materazzi. Not exactly push-over midfielders and defenders. After making them all look plain silly, Totti saw Julio Cesar off his line, and decided to go for yet another trademark audacious cucchaio. The ball floated in mid air and fell into the net, securing one of Totti’s greatest goals, one so good that the entire San Siro stood in applause.

1) Roma 4 Sampdoria 1 - How’d He Do That?!?

The 1A to the Inter goal’s 1B. I tend to ever so slightly pick the Sampdoria volley over the Inter goal for a few reasons. The fact that he even decided to shoot from that angle. The fact that the ball came in on a looping cross from over 40 yards away. The power he was able to hit the ball with on a first time volley out of mid air. The spin he was able to generate to curve the ball past the keeper and into the far post. Just as in the Inter match, the fans were so impressed that the entire Luigi Ferraris stood in applause.

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