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A Totti Top Five: Zampafied Moments

Because no Roma or Totti moment is ever complete without commentary from the GOAT

As we potentially head into the final week of Francesco Totti’s time at AS Roma, we’ll be taking a look back all week at his nothing short of legendary career. Speaking of Roma legends, this post is dedicated to one of my all time favorites, Carlo Zampa. This man has been the voice of Roma for countless years and is seemingly always the popular soundtrack behind the highlights of anything AS Roma. This of course comes without surprise; the man is one of the most diehard Romanisti out there and has a love for Francesco that rivals that of anyone here. So without further ado, we bring you the top five moments where Zampa was pazzesco for Francesco.

5) Roma 3 Inter 2 - Mamma Mia!!! Che serrata qui!!! The Cucchaio vs Inter

You know the goal. You know the call. And by now, you probably know that it’s next to impossible to find Zampa’s call of this goal in a video that’s better quality than watching a Russian stream on AOL in 1999. Anyway, here it is. Oh what a night...

4) Roma 2 Lazio 2 - The Value of a True Roman Commentator

The lowest of lows and highest of highs. There is no faking it when it comes to Carlo Zampa: the guy wears his heart on his sleeve. What originally started as a nomination based solely on his call for the Selfie Goal, I instead decided to post the entire highlight video because it reveals just how special Zampa is. The ability to listen to a home team broadcast alla Gary-Keith-Ron for the Mets is an amazing privilege. Here you will hear Zampa call Lazio’s first two unanswered goals just as any of us would have; angry, sad, depressed, “maddona” etc. Anyway, his and our outlook on the game took a complete 180 in the second half, as Francesco once again rescued Roma, this time scoring twice to claim a 2-2 draw. Zampa’s call of the famous selfie goal is worth your tenth watch in the past 48 hours.

3) Roma 4 Juventus 0 - Totti and Cassano Show

An ESPN Classic! While Francesco only recorded a rigore on the day, this was one of the most impressive margins of victory he and Roma posted during his career: a complete demolition of Juventus thanks to he, Olivier Dacourt, Ivan “better than Buffon” Pellizzoli, and of course Antonio Cassano. Totti’s penalty? Absolutely perfect. Celebration? Most of Rome collectively dropper their pants in an instant. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS? Every word from Zampa’s mouth, Cassano squirting an assistant in the face with his water bottle after Totti’s penalty, Cassano then destroying a corner flag after his lofting header past Buffon, and of course the “quattro pamppine” from the king of celebration himself.

We’ll just keep that last part running on repeat below:

3b) Roma 1 Juventus 2 - The end of “Il momento del capitano, del nostro capitano, del simbolo di Roma, il gladiatore giallorosso, del bimbo d’oro, con il numero dieci.....FRANCESCO ___________”

Awkward honorable mention, semi-Totti related, but mainly Juve related. An article partially about Carlo Zampa wouldn’t be complete without his announcement of the Juventus starting 11 during the 04-05 season after Capello and Emerson ran for Turin. At this time, Zampa commentated matches for TV while also serving as stadium announcer at the Olimpico. After Capello and Emerson turned traitors, Zampa refused to say their names when announcing the Juve starting 11. Of course, this unfortunately cost Zampa his job as stadium announcer, which also meant the end of his incredible intro for Francesco, which is found at the end of the video.

If only he was still in this position and could have done the same for Casper a few weeks ago....

2) Roma 3 Torino 2 - Retribution: ANCORA UNA VOLTA LUI! And then: ALLA FACCIA VOSTRA!

I mean, where to start. Fuck. There’s nothing for me to say, just let Zampa do the talking.

Everyone cried with you that night, Carlo. And if they didn’t, they don’t truly love Francesco as much as you and I.

1) Roma 3 Parma 1 - Scudetto Day

What else could possibly be number one?! Full video. Intros, goals, celebrations. Relive and enjoy it all.

Confession: None of these even make my top three Zampa-Roma moments of recent memory. For those who haven’t had enough screaming/have not been fired from their job by now, links available below:

3) Roma 1 Inter 0 - Vucinic in Stoppage Time

2) Roma 2 Inter 1 - GULLIVER!!!! Aka Luca Toni!

1) Roma 2 Real Madrid 1 - Tutti in piedi al Santiago Berabeau!!! Gol di Rrrrodrigo Taddei!!!

Join us later this week for the final countdown, Totti’s top passes and assists!