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Roma Officially Releases 2017-2018 Home Kit

Here’s to a whole new shade of red.

AS Roma v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

We’ll divert our attention, if that’s possible, from the Francesco Totti retirement/forced resignation to focus on a decidedly lighter fare, new kit season. Last week your local internet sleuths dug up a “leaked” version of Nike’s latest AS Roma home kits to much...what’s the opposite of fan fare?

While Roma’s relationship with Nike has seen its shares of highs and lows, they’ve always at least gotten one of the kits right. From the sleek red and yellow home kits in 2014-2015 to the absolutely stunning white aways from last season, and even to this year’s revamped retro wolf insignia, you could always count on Nike to at least leave you wanting more.

This time, well, this time I’m not so sure because these home kits just look like someone copied and pasted last season’s, CTR-Zd the stripes and moved that little toggle thingy a bit higher on the red spectrum

There’s nothing bad about these kits in the strictest sense, and quite frankly when you compare them to this past season’s, the change in red seems like a step in the right direction, but good lord, they’re practically the same thing. Is this something you’d drop €141 on?

As far as the font is concerned, seems like they went for more of a postmodern look:

All in all, these aren’t bad, but for the biggest, baddest athletic company in the world, you’d expect a little more creativity. The kits are now on sale via the club’s website, and with Totti moving on, it will be interesting to see which shirt becomes the top seller in his absence.