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Roma Rejects Liverpool Offer for Salah

Mo may bring in a lot of dough.

AS Roma v Genoa CFC - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

While Roma appears to have to closed some business for young Sebastian Driussi—or are at the very least making significant progress—the rumor mill is at full tilt with the news that Liverpool are making moves for Mohamed Salah. Several weeks ago we lauded Monchi for his €50M or GTFO stance on Roma’s electric Egyptian, and, well, it looks like Poppa Monchi don’t mess around.

Multiple (and I mean multiple) outlets are reporting the Reds are making significant overtures for Salah, with several English papers saying Liverpool has already struck a personal agreement with Salah, or at least his representatives, but does smoke necessarily equal fire?

Well, if the latest news is any indication, no, at least not yet. Sky Sport Italia reported earlier today that Roma has rejected a €34 million offer for Salah. So what’s the real angle here? Does Monchi really value Salah at €50 million or was he just attempting to inflate Salah’s price?

The other, more important matter at hand is simply this: should Roma sell Salah? If his 19 goals and 12 assists in all competitions didn’t clue you in, Salah is one of the most electric (if not one of the best) players in the league. And while he may not be the most exquisitely skilled winger on the planet, speed kills. Salah’s sheer athleticism is unparalleled in Serie A, if not the continent as a whole, but, as his playmaking numbers attest, he’s more than just a speed merchant.

Mohamed Salah is a line in the sand. On one side, Roma stands firm, building off their impressive core of attacking players, while on the other, Roma continues to sell when the larger clubs come beckoning, piecing a squad together on the fly, hoping simply that Juventus hasn’t pulled even further ahead and that the Milanese sides still haven’t gotten their shit together.

And while the idea of an indirect swap of Salah for Domenico Berardi is floating around, it’s immaterial to the real issue at hand—will this Roma final hang onto its star players and build something sustainable or is turning a profit, no matter how handsome it may be, more important?