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Roma to Sign Pellegrini Within 48 Hours

Some good news to counter all the rumored sales.

US Sassuolo Calcio v SK Rapid Wien - UEFA Europa League Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

Our rumor packed week of coverage started on Monday, with word from Sky Sports that Roma and Sassuolo were making headway on their much discussed, long assumed transfer of Lorenzo Pellegrini. We won’t rehash the whole backstory, but in sum: Pellegrini came up with Roma, was sold to Sassuolo with a buyback clause, which Roma are now prepared to exercise because, well, because Pellegrini has become quite the player already.

Sold to Sassuolo in the summer of 2015 for a paltry €1.25 million, Pellegrini will now return to the city of his birth for a tidy €10 million. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Roma will sign Pellegrini during the U-21 European Championships, where he’s currently playing for the Azzurrini. If Italy crashes out to Germany, Pellegrini will reportedly fly directly to Rome to finalize the deal. However, if Italy hangs onto their current one goal lead, Roma officials will make the quick trip to Poland to secure their 21-year-old budding star.

And, as we discussed on Monday, since this is Roma we’re talking about, they’ve reportedly included a release clause into the deal. Chances are it was necessary to get Pellegrini to agree to the switch, but let’s hope it’s enough to dissuade any interested clubs down the road.

Nevertheless, it seems as though Roma is about to get more Roman real soon.