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Reports: Juve Have Deal for Szczesny

Bon Voyage, Voychick

AS Roma v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Well, sorry Leandro, the news of your possible return has been trumped by the potential exit of Wojciech Szczęsny. Though to be fair, he was never actually Roma property, but having spent two seasons with Roma—one average, one fantastic—there was a glimmer of hope that the Giallorossi would bring Voy-Chick back into the fold, if for no other reason that the overwhelming popularity of The Szczesny Show.

Earlier in the week we discussed Roma’s goalkeeping conundrum—in sum, they have a potential stud in Alisson but Szczesny is already one of the best in the league—and, well, it looks like that conundrum has been undonedrum. Sky Sport reports that Juventus have tabbed Woj as Gianluigi Buffon’s presumptive heir, with the Old Lady handing over €16 million to Arsenal for the 27-year-old’s signature.

If indeed this rumor proves true, Szczesny will be in line for a healthy raise as well, as he will reportedly sign a four year deal worth €4 million per year. In Woj, Juventus has effectively bridged the most troubling gap in their recent history, lining up a living legend’s replacement before he even retires.

Now, the only shred of hope in this deal—in the sense that he simply won’t go to Juve because Roma ain’t spending that much on a keeper—is whether or not Woj is willing to ride the pine and/or play against the minnows for a year (and perhaps more) while Buffon closes out his otherworldly career.

One would imagine he’d ask for some assurances before accepting this deal, but at only 27-years-old, Szczesny has plenty of career left, so one year of fringe duty won’t exactly set him on the path for skid row.

For Roma, this ever-solidifying rumor would seem to put the death knell in their keeper controversy—the job belongs to the Brazilian Don Draper, and all the other names we’ve been privy to—Mirante, Joe Hart, Skorupski and I think Patrick Roy—would simply be experienced backups/safety valves, with the exception of Skorupski of course.

While Alisson is oozing with potential, and was quite solid in Europa League play, he remains every bit the project, and even if his ceiling is higher than Szczesny’s in the long run, this puts Roma in a weaker position in the short run.

Keep an eye on this one, but a summer seeing Woj move to Juve and Antonio Rüdiger potentially move to Inter is sickening, particularly as they both seem to love the club and the squad so much.

Just go back to Arsenal, Woj. Remember how much you love them Gunners!?