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Paredes Takes Zenit Medical

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Another one bites the dust, but he sucks, right?

AS Roma v US Citta di Palermo - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Any hope we had that Kostas Manolas’ refusal to move to Zenit would somehow spare Leandro Paredes the same fate was dashed this morning. Paredes woke up bright and early, arriving at Villa Stuart at 7:15 am to take his medical examinations before he’s excommunicated to St. Petersburg ahead of his €25 million move to Zenit, where he’ll attempt to improve upon their third place finish last season.

Look how sad he is. Paredes, who logged over 2,000 minutes in all competitions for Roma, was shipped out despite leading the club in key passes and total completed passes per 90 minutes, while averaging the second most tackles and the third most interceptions per 90 minutes (minimum 500 minutes). But yeah, he’s way overrated and completely one dimensional.

I know it’s probably lame to embed myself, but I’m just throwing that Tweet in there so I can remember where to find it when he inevitably moves to Juventus for about €30 million two years from now. Make no mistake, this isn’t like the Antonio Rüdiger transfer; it is far more likely Roma will rue this sale than Rüdiger’s, for no other reason than true registas are hard to come by. And, quite frankly, if Juve do capitalize on Roma’s short sightedness, good for Leo—he’s far too talented a player to be wasted in the Russian Premier League.

With the €50 million windfall from the Mohamed Salah sale still giving James Pallotta nocturnal emissions, it's fair to question the rationale behind the sale. I mean, it’s not like Pallotta every categorically denied Paredes (or any midfielder) would be sold, right?

Paredes is a midfielder, right? In the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal, we all know Pallotta’s words are about as valuable as a handful of horse shit, but what about Eusebio Di Francesco, he probably didn’t envision Paredes in his plans, huh?

Definitely. I see Paredes in the middle of a 4-3-3 and obviously in a deeper role in a 4-2-3-1.


The lesson, as always, when it comes to all matters AS Roma, which, remember, stands for Always for Sale, don’t believe a fucking word that comes out of their mouth. The only words that we want to hear from Pallotta at this point is, “I’ve decided to sell Roma to Francesco Totti.”

It’s just unfortunate that a player as talented and as likeable as Paredes has become cannon fodder in Pallotta quest for cash, because the chances that Lovely Leo’s value increases dramatically over the next few years is rather high—intelligent and technical midfielders like him don’t exactly grow on trees, and mark my words, someone will pluck him from Zenit in no time.

So, good luck, Leo. Try and take it easy on us when you’re pumping passes through to Paulo Dybala 18 months from now.