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Roma Reportedly Battling City for Cengiz Ünder (Update: Personal Terms Agreed)

A new and potentially intriguing name added to the rumor mill

Czech Republic v Turkey - Group D: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Say it with me now, another day, another rumor. As football fans, particularly those who pay attention in the silly season, this is a mantra we know all too well. It’s hard to imagine a time when all the transfer speculation played on behind closed doors, a time when we weren’t arguing about emojis or playing Where’s Waldo with players agents, but as The Killers one sang, this is The World We Live In, so unless we become latter day luddites, we’ll have to make do. Incidentally Day & Age is a criminally underrated album, check it out.

Anyway, all of this was just a preamble to yet another transfer rumor, one which, unless you’re up on the Turkish Süper Lig you may find a bit surprising. The latest name to join the parade of Mohamed Salah replacements in 19-year-old Turkish midfielder/winger/attacker Cengiz Ünder, a left-footed adolescent that’s already earned a handful of caps for the Turkish national team, even grabbing two goals in the process.

Now, I know what you’re probably saying to yourself “oh wonderful, a smaller and less follically gifted Salih Ucan”, and, well, I can’t really blame you. After all Ucan was a pretty well-heralded prospect in his own right, and, much like Under, played for one of the league’s heavyweights in Fenerbahce.

But, just as I’d caution you to not be prejudicial if Roma ever pursues another American, we should keep an open mind with Ünder, and not simply assume that he’ll follow in Ucan’s wake, who, I might add, was never really given a fair shot in Rome. Besides, Under is being hotly pursued by Manchester City, which in and of itself means very little other than his reputation is on the rise; I can’t recall Roma having to ward off many other suitors for Ucan.

Under is best known of his speed, dribbling and playmaking ability, three qualities sorely needed on Roma’s right flank. While no price has yet been attached to this rumor, Under and his agent admitted there is mutual interest between the two parties.

This rumor is equal parts Sabatini and Monchi, as each man had/has a proclivity for grabbing young players from far flung regions, but this kid’s record for club and country, at only 19-years-old, is pretty intriguing.


Seems as though the two clubs have agreed to a deal for Under for €13 million, with the player already agreeing to personal terms; a medical exam is reportedly set for Friday.

There is obviously a lot more to this story—is 13 million the final price, will he come over straight away or remain in Turkey for a year?

We’ll pass along more updates as they become available.