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Which Lazio Player Would You Welcome to Roma?

Kolarov is the first (former) Lazio player to move to Roma in a while, is there anyone else you’d welcome?

SS Lazio v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

As Roma fans we’re bred with certain traits: a love of beautiful football, an appreciation for loyalty and a hatred of certain other clubs. The reasons behind that hatred are as varied as the fanbase it self. We hate Juventus because, among other reasons, they’re always so successful. Inter Milan earns our scorn because they denied us a couple of Scudetti during the 2000s, while our disdain for AC Milan is suddenly resurfacing due to their profligate spending.

There is, however, one club that all Roma fans are obliged to loathe regardless of financial or footballing realities, SS Lazio. They’re the blue to our red, the eagle to our wolf, the Diet Pepsi to our Cherry Pepsi. While it would be unthinkable for a fan to change allegiances, every so often players cross this divide; some make the switch for more money, some for more playing time, and some for a final shot at glory.

The most recent man to traverse this chasm was yesterday’s signing, Aleksandar Kolarov, who spent three seasons with Lazio before making his big money move to Manchester City. Credit to Kolarov, though, he has not run from his Lazio past:

I cannot, and do not want to, deny my past. But now I am with Roma and just as I gave 100% when I was at Lazio I will now give 100% and more for Roma. Lazio was a good experience for me, but from today they are my rivals on the pitch.

I honestly cannot think of a more professional response to that question, particularly when the slightest hint of Lazio makes most Roma fans foam at the mouth. But it got me thinking, if we scoured Europe for players with Lazio ties, which one(s) would you want at Roma?

To get the conversation started, here are a couple suggestions.

  1. Antonio Candreva: Although he’s moved to another detestable club, Inter, he’s still a remarkably productive player, scoring six goals and chipping in 10 assists last season. Roma needs a right winger, and I’d certainly welcome him.
  2. Lucas Biglia: Off to Milan, but he certainly would boost the depth in Roma’s midfield
  3. Ciro Immobile: Not quite the panacea he would have been last year, thanks to Dzeko’s emergence and the signing of Gregoire Defrel, but he’s athletic, young and dynamic.

Those were just the first three that popped into my brain, but who would say no to Felipe Anderson or Ketia?

So what do you think, are there any other current or former Lazio players you’d forgive for their sins and welcome them to Roma?