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VotD: Cengiz Ünder’s Debut

Highlights of Ünder from yesterday’s match vs Tottenham

The Turkish Wünderkid made his debut for AS Roma yesterday in their 3-2 friendly win vs Tottenham, which took place in the greatest state in America. Ünder scored a goal and contributed some glimpses of true talent on the ball, leaving fans wanting to see more. So here we go, for those who didn’t see the match last night or want to rewatch Cengiz’s performance. (Full highlights of the match in the second video).

Tottenham Roma 2-3 | Highlights

La Roma batte il Tottenham per 3-2 con gol di Perotti, Under e Tumminello. Guarda gli highlights della partita

Posted by ErmeS79 on Wednesday, July 26, 2017