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Mahrez Medical Scheduled?

Some folks believe this deal will be closed on Thursday. Others, not so much.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Leicester City - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

As the Riyad Mahrez to Roma saga drags on into it’s third or fourth week, we’re really no closer to a resolution than we were a fortnight ago. Roma is rumored to have submitted a bid somewhere in the neighborhood of €38 to €40 million, a bid which, when combined with Mahrez’s growing desire to leave, has led many Italian outlets to claim a deal is imminent, while their English counterparts remain skeptical, claiming Leicester City is holding out for a third and improved bid.

The confusion, as it were, stems from the following Tweet:

Mohamed Alkawaleny, in case you weren’t aware, is a BeIN Sport’s analyst, whose shoddily photoshopped Tweet claims that Mahrez’s clandestine calls for a new employer have been heard, with a medical examination reportedly set for this Thursday. However, this runs counter to claims in the English press, namely the Mirror, who claim that Leicester are still not satisfied with the bid, no matter how loudly Mahrez may protest, and remain adamant that Mahrez is worth at least €50 to €50 million, depending on the current exchange rates of course.

So we’ll see, conjuring up an actual date for a medical exam isn’t SOP for transfer rumors, so Alkawaleny might be onto something, but then again, according to the Mirror, there is still quite a chasm between the two clubs.

In essence, we know something, but we don’t know anything.