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A Note on Negativity

Optimist or pessimist, we are all Roma.

Sevilla FC v AS Roma - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

“Optimism," said Cacambo, "What is that?" "Alas!" replied Candide, "It is the obstinacy of maintaining that everything is best when it is worst.”Voltaire, Candide

Entering my second season writing for the CDT, I have learned that despite how wise I think I am there will always be someone to smartly rebuke my arguments. And although I may feel abashed or even defensive, I ultimately realize that the purpose of of this blog is to create a discourse. We all come here with a shared passion, an addiction, an obsession for a team we’ve created our own unique connection with. To be a fan is dreadful thing. You attach yourself to an organization hopeless in changing any outcome. We are a ghostly collection of immense feeling. In truth, we have very little influence. The power we may have is only increased with proximity. And seeing as though we are fans spread across the world, most of us are powerless with said influence. So, what do we naturally do? We argue. We make statements. We complain about absurdities, nuances, and rumors. That is the purpose of this place we call church.

Lately, there has been a cloud of negativity hovering over our digital platform. Even negativity on negativity. I, for one, have been very open about my opinions on current events, giving a pessimistic view of the club’s future campaign. Whether it’s the Mahrez saga, EDF’s tactical approach, or even Monchi’s style of negotiation, there’s not a lot of hope going around. And why should there be? We all follow a club that has had six coaches in six years. We follow a team that has had 12 second place finishes. We commit ourselves to a city that won’t allow a new stadium. We root for a squad that just lost its eternal captain. It’s a perpetual drama. And it’s beautiful.

Despite what we say or argue, we love this team. There will always be those who complain or make rash statements about a player, an approach, a decision. Yes, we can out them, assert how fallible they are, but in reality that is what makes the CDT great. If we all shared the same opinions this place would not exist. You’d get bored and find your news elsewhere if we were all optimists. Same if we were all pessimists. This place functions on our schizophrenic statements.

So what I am saying? Should everything be rainbows and daisies? Should we not argue so much? Should we not complain about the negativity? Hell no. If anything we should stand by our opinions; albeit they should be backed with evidence. Remember why we come here. Don’t make statements to just be a dick. We are all on the same side. This is Roma, people. We are all carrying years of anticipation on our backs. We want glory so bad that any deviation from that path annoys us beyond belief. That is why there is negativity, because we want to win so badly. We get so close, only to fail in the end.

While it looks increasingly plausible that this won’t be our year, I don’t really know. No one knows. But there are signs. I am totally pessimistic about this season, but that doesn’t mean I am going to make blanket statements. Or maybe I will, and you’ll be there to check me. We are all here to check each other in a way. So, take this as you will, a reminder, an egotistical article, the bit before you scroll to the comments; however, remember: think before you speak, wallow in the negatives or revel in the positives, and always, always, always, forza Roma!