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Schick Watch Day Three: Decision Coming Soon

A non-update semi-update

US Sassuolo v UC Sampdoria - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Like rain on your wedding day, Schick Watch 2017 has caught us all off guard. While the Czech sensation was seemingly set for Juventus earlier this summer, the Old Lady was blind sided by a temporarily bum ticker. Now that Schick has been given the all-clear, Serie A clubs are circling like sharks in the water, throwing wads of cash at Sampdoria like so much rice after a wedding. Mixed metaphors (well I guess it’s a simile technically) aside, Roma, in their desperation for an additional attacker, have leaped to the head of the Schick queue.

Yesterday we discussed the details of this rumor, to the extent we can even call them such, but in essence this where we stand on hump day: Roma and Sampdoria have met to discuss this potential transfer, with some outlets suggesting they’ve reached a deal worth €30 million + bonuses, but Schick’s hesitance and/or his agent’s preference for Inter Milan, which may or may not stem from the larger cut he’ll receive from them, are keeping this rumor from becoming a reality.

Now, as much as I’d love to pass along some concrete update, the fates haven’t conspired that way just yet. The only shred of an update worth discussing today are the ambiguous words of Schick’s representative, Bruno Satin, who saidQualcosa so ma non posso parlare. Entro un paio di giorni ci sarà la decisione definitiva.” Or, in essence, you’ll know in a couple days.

Wow, thanks, Bruno. While Roma has been pipped as the frontrunner, with well-heeled clubs like Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain lurking, you can never be too certain.

Stay tuned, Schick Watch 2017 looks like it’ll drag on for a few more days.