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Schick Watch Day Five: 99% Likely to Join Roma

We all know the 1% rules anyway, so don’t celebrate yet.

UC Sampdoria v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

While Schick Watch 2017 wasn’t nearly as drawn out as Roma’s fruitless pursuit of Riyad Mahrez, we’ve been privy to a week’s worth of back and forths, of will he or won’t hes and agonizingly slow, incremental updates, the latest of which should get your heart fluttering, figuratively speaking, otherwise seek immediate medical attention.

While most of us Western Hemisphere-ers were sleeping, our Italian counterparts unearthed this nugget from Walter Sabatini:

Although Sabatini did not concede defeat to Roma, he admitted that it is 99% likely Schick will be wearing a Roma shirt when all is said and done. So, is he being straight with us or is this some sort of sneaky negotiating ploy?

If you follow the link in that Tweet, it appears as though Schick has already begun packing up his home, apparently checking into a Genoa hotel in advance of his move to...somewhere, so if nothing else, it seems as though something is happening.

We’ll pass along more updates as they become available, but this appears like a decisive day (at last) in Schick Watch 2017.