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CdT Fantasy Serie A: Week Two Standings

Our weekly update on the (slightly buggy) Fantasy Serie A league!

AS Roma v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

First off, I want to apologize for the buggyness with the Fantasy Serie A website. Hopefully they can get all of the kinks worked out over the international break. In the meantime, we had outstanding interest in the league with 128 managers currently signed up. If you wish to join, it’s never too late and you’ve only missed 2/38 rounds!

League Information:

Site: Fantasy Serie A

League Name: Chiesa di Totti

League Code: 9I6kkjdfQH1d

Anyway, we here at CdT have been guilty in the past of creating fantasy teams and quickly forgetting to update them. So in an attempt to fight that and have a fun competitive league, we hope to have a weekly series with a standings update and the team of the week. The website bugs in week one never updated the league tables, so we had to skip the post for that giornata. Thus, here we are with your first league update!


Here we go! After two weeks, your co-winner of Round Two and co-leader overall is Tears for Totti, managed by josh (if you’re in the comments section, let us know who you are! Goes for everyone, let us know who you are, brag, trash talk, etc.)

GilardinoZ, managed by Albert, also finished with 87 points in Round Two, pushing him into 6th overall (one spot behind yours truly). FlorenzisNona24 also deserves a shoutout, tied atop the table with Tears For Totti on 143 points. Top 40 below:

Team/Manager of the Week:

Tears For Totti managed by josh is our CdT Fantasy Serie A Team of the Week! As we mentioned above, he finished joint top for the round as well as joint top of the table overall. Thanks to assists galore from the midfield and a hat trick from captain Paulo Dybala, Tears For Totti finished with 87 points and 143 overall for the season.