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Mor Will Move to Italy...Maybe

I’ve already typed ‘Mor’ as ‘More’ like 12 times, maybe we should pass on him.

Urawa Red Diamonds v Borussia Dortmund - Preseason Friendly Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Emre Mor, the man who may or may not make us all forget about Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez, not to mention give Cengiz Under a safety buddy for road trips, is definitely moving to Serie A, possibly with Roma. After surprising the football world with their interest in the young Turkish midfielder/winger, Roma are advancing on Mor, throwing oodles of Euros at Borussia Dortmund for his signature.

While Mor has drawn interest from England, his agent came out today and definitively said “Emre will go to Italy. We met with Napoli and Roma, so over the next two days everything will become clear. He will join one of these two clubs.” {He has since denied making these statements} First of all, on behalf of Fiorentina, let me say, ouch. After seemingly having a €13 million deal in place for Mor, the Viola have apparently been brushed aside by their glossier neighbors. Fiorentina is falling fast, a trend that is not good for Serie A, but I digress.

Mor’s agent doesn’t give any indication which club is leading at the turn, nor does he admit speaking to representatives of either Napoli or Roma, but a decision will seemingly be made within the next week or so. While Mor’s potential is undeniable, it’s tough to see where he’d fit in with either club in the short term, as both frontlines are pretty well stocked, but he’s nothing if not an investment for the future.

One would imagine Cengiz Under’s presence, not to mention Monchi’s ability to speak Turkish, would give Roma a slight advantage, if for no other reason than comfortability, but nothing is assured on the transfer market.

Putting all that aside, this still doesn’t seem to address Roma’s need for a starting caliber right winger. Mor became available and is simply too good to pass up, so you can certainly understand Roma’s interest, but would this move really help Roma now?

Roma needs Mor, but they also need more.