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CdT Fantasy Serie A: Week Three Standings

It was a good week if you stocked up on Viola players.

AS Roma v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It appears that the folks over at Fantasy Serie A have finally worked out all the bugs on their, with the stats and standings updating in real time, allowing us to continue with our weekly check-in and/or bragging session, depending on whether or not you splurged for Paulo Dybala on any given week.

So, without further delay, here are the CdT fantasy league standings after three weeks of play:

The Top 40

As you can see, if you’ve eclipsed the 200 point mark you’re sitting pretty. However, if you’re like me, mired in the in the mid 100s, you’re rounding out the top 40. It’s too soon to say if separation will occur between the top five and the rest of the league, but if you don’t have a stable of core guys already, you might be in for a long season.

Dream Team of the Round

Fantasy Serie A

Given Fiorentina’s 5-0 thrashing of Verona over the weekend, it’s no shock to see so many purple shirts in the team of the week, while Ivan Perisic and Jakub Jankto continue their hot starts. By the by, Roma might want to considering singing Jankto at some point; he won’t be this unknown for too much longer.

So that’s it for this week. Roma may have crushed your spirits this week, but that’s why we have fantasies, isn’t it?