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Want to Write for Chiesa di Totti? Here is Your Chance!

It’s that time again, we need new voices. Lend us yours.

Pace Of Job Growth Slows Down, 7.8 Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While you’ll never catch me complaining about steering the CdT ship, the fact of the matter is, when coupled with my actual real world responsibilities (work, bills, chores, trying to resurrect sabre tooth tigers), it can get tough to cover the news/rumors as closely as I’d like, to say nothing of fending off the ever-present burnout monster. I still love what I do around here, but the time has come once again to inject a bit of fresh blood into what we do here.

If you caught Deadspin’s expose on SB Nation’s recruitment practices, you no doubt know that this is, by and large, a labor of love, so I am extremely indebted and grateful to Jonas for his five years of weekly injections of irreverence, to Sam, Jimmy, Canes, Remus, Thomas and Kevin for all the insight and life they’ve brought to CdT over the past few years, and even to Dhaw, who has seemingly gone on an extended sabbatical. Their contributions come solely from a place of love, for the club and the craft of writing. So for that we should all be thankful.

However, as the club’s profile has grown, so has ours (though not to the same extent of course), feeding new demands for coverage, analysis and quips of all sorts. So, I come to you hat in hand asking for your help.

So what follows is nearly a verbatim post from our previous recruiting calls. Do you like Roma? Do you have a lot to say about them and want a larger platform? Of course you do, so keep reading.

As a great man once said, ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems' What am I referring to you might ask? I have no idea, I just wanted to drop some Biggie on you (just because I like you, here's Juicy). However, a natural consequence of CdT's growth is that it's becoming much more than only a few hands can handle, so we're looking for help. Yes, much like your waistline during freshman year, Chiesa Di Totti is expanding.

So, here are the who's and what's for these new positions.

Who Are We Looking For?

As a frame of reference, here's how I landed the gig. My predecessor put up a similar post looking for help back in the spring of 2012, by which point I had recently left my life as an office drone to finish up graduate school sooner. Suddenly I found myself with more time during the days, so I figured why not give it a shot, and here I am.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you can write English proficiently (and I can’t emphasize that enough, I don’t have enough time to correct someone else’s grammar, let alone mine), but here are the general guidelines for our next contributor(s)...chances are we'll bring on a few.

  • You have an interest and passion for Roma (duh)
  • You can write cogent and proficient English
  • You have time to contribute on a consistent(ish) basis, once a week, eight times a day, doesn't matter. CdT is like Project Mayhem, you determine your own level of involvement, but some consistency would be much appreciated, though one-off guests posts are certainly welcomed.

This person might be one of the following:

  • A college student interested in Roma and writing who's looking for experience or just something to do in between classes, bong rips, and frisbee sessions in the quad.
  • You're independently wealthy and don't have to work for a living, step away from your indoor shark tank and pick up a laptop.
  • If you work weekends or nights and have time during the weekday to cover news, gossip, injuries or whatever, we need you.
  • If you're an adolescent wunderkind mature for your age and you want to write, let's talk
  • You're retired and want to "do computers", we can work with that as long as you love Roma.

Regardless of what you do, if you have a lot to say about Roma and time to fire off a few hundred words a week, we could use you. Better still if you’re a female or otherwise unheard voice in the calcio community.

What do we need help with?

Okay, this part has changed, so take note. While we’ll take any party interested in contributing, in the immediate sense (read: during the multi-competition season) we need immediate help in the following areas:

Match Reviews

If you can collect and organize your in-match thoughts and/or rages and post them relatively quickly, we need you. These are often the hardest for me to do and/or coordinate, so if this interests you, please drop us a line!

Detailed Analysis

Last year, we had a wonderful series in which we had detailed tactical analyses go up a day or so after the match. It was a great addition, replete with excellent graphics, and it was well received. But yeah, I can’t seem to get a hold of that guy anymore, so if that’s your thing, let us know!

Match Previews

I’ve written thousands of these things, so if anyone else wants to take a crack at previewing and predicting lineups, tactical issues, broader trends, I’d love some help.

Midweek News/Updates

If you have free time during normal business hours and can do quick updates about press conferences, player injuries, news from around the league, WE NEED YOU. We generate a lot of momentum on match days, but we’d love to keep that rolling on, say, a rather droll Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

Anything Else

The preceding sections are our highest areas of need, but if you have other ideas or creative outlets you think might make CdT a livelier place, we’d love to have you.

Bottom line, I want this to be the place people come to discuss Roma and we need help: we need new voices, new passions and new ideas. So, if you're interested and you think you've got time to spare, please fill out the application below. Or if you already have a blog or journalism experience, just drop us or me a line on Twitter.

Note, this was borrowed from our sister sites. I don't really care if you speak/read Italian, mine is horrible. Our main concerns are an interest in Roma, commitment (once a week, twice a day, doesn't matter, just some consistency) and writing ability.

If you don't have any writing samples, don't worry, we can use fanposts or private submissions. Also if you’ve done this before and we didn’t get back to you, please accept our apologies, it was more overwhelming than we imagined, but please try again, we’re going to make a more concerted effort to recruit this time around.

Looking forward to your responses!