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Manolas Roma Renewal Near

Kostas Manolas is set to reup with Roma, but with a remarkably low buyout clause.

AS Roma v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Thanks to the countless sites covering the sport around the clock, fans across the globe have earned honorary economics degrees focused specifically on two items: transfer prices and buyout clauses. Between our own nightmarish scenario with Mohamed Salah and Antonio Rudiger, as well as the far more publicized and for more impactful Neymar buyout controversy, and all its subsequent FFP implications, we’ve received a crash course in the finer points of football financing this summer.

And, well, I’m afraid to say it isn’t over yet, not with Kostas Manolas’ future remaining uncertain. Almost the first man thrown overboard this summer, Manolas’ time with Roma was only saved thanks to his unwillingness to be paid in rubles, leaving him in a rather tenuous and precarious position. With the club already having shown a willingness to sell him, the remaining two seasons on his current deal remain anything but assured.

So, in order to firm up his future, and to ensure a higher sale point should that day come, Roma are keen on getting Manolas to agree to a new deal. According to multiple sources, the two sides are close to agreeing to a two-year contract extension, one that would pay Manolas roughly €2.5 million per season.

The problem, as far as arm chair DSs are concerned, is the buyout clause, rumored to be as low as €30 million for non-Italian clubs, or some €10 million less than Zenit St Petersburg was willing to pay several weeks ago. So while this may prevent the ghastly site of seeing Manolas in a Juventus shirt (but not really), it does increase the chances he leaves for Germany, Spain, France or England; €30 million for a defender of his quality in this marketplace is a massive bargain.

So while this deal clears up Manolas immediate future, it doesn’t necessarily tether him to the Eternal City long term.