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Roma v. Sampdoria: Match Ratings

Professor Remus brings out the ol’ gradebook

AS Roma v UC Sampdoria - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Disclaimer: Dr. Richard Remus, professor of sports science at the University of Roma, has chosen to use the American grading scale for this evenings match-up. While there will undoubtedly be disagreements with his ratings, Dr. Remus welcomes a lively debate. Enjoy!



Alisson - A - Simply amazing. Showed his best superman impression to deny Barreto and Caprari. His amazing form continued, stopping numerous shots with acrobatic saves.

Florenzi (c) - C - Looked winded out-there. His PK was atrocious, far too central. However, his energy cannot be overlooked as he ran up and down the field all game.

Manolas - B - Lightning quick in the back, a commander at defense. His vision was superb as he read the play and movements of the Sampdoria attackers.

Juan Jesus - C - Confused and weak at the back early on, the Brazilian improved in the second half. Had trouble marking Zapata, keeping him onside on several occasions, but learned how to contain him later in the game.

Kolarov - C - At his natural LB striker position, Kolarov again was the main conduit for attack. Had many shots and crosses off target. One wonders when he will tire. All in all, an average display.

Pellegrini - B - Sloppy with his passing, but energetic, finding space and getting open in tandem with the wingers. Had many shots denied by Viviano, and did well to set up Dzeko... but Dzeko’s lone shot on goal was pitiful.

Strootman - D - Clumsy, slow, almost lost in his positioning. Came alive in the second half, but still had little influence. Better in defense, cutting out passes and breaking up play. But the Strootman of old, the passing Dutchman, is absent in EDF’s system.

Nainggolan - D - An engine too far away from goal. Gave away an amateur's pass that could have been a nightmare for Alisson. Had some good crosses, but also had some ugly ones. Overall, a below-average performance.

Under - B - Agile on the right and left wing and clever with his movements, yet his control let him down too often. That said, the Turk was fun to watch, speedy and creative, a type of player Roma really need at the moment. His volley was likely going in if it were not for the handball.

Dzeko - F - Sloppy passes, one lousy shot on target, looked apathetic giving the ball away that led to a Zapata and Caprari counter. Pretty much invisible. Transfer speculation aside, Eden needs to find his form and fast.

El Shaarawy - B - Nimble and tricky with his dribbling, the Pharoah was Roma’s most dangerous player in the first half. Should have put away one in the second half after a lovely cross from Florenzi, but his head went straight at the keeper.


Drefrel - C -Ran hard too no effect.

Perotti - C - Typical game. Cutting in and out then crossing to little effect.

Antonucci - D - Poor little guy showed his lack of experience, being beat on the play that led to the goal. Not really his position to be defending, but a goal is a goal is a goal.


Viviano - A -Perhaps mentally trapped in a 1970s porn flick, the Italian shot-stopper didn’t have much to do early on. Yet, as the match progressed he saved his team time and time again. Parried Florenzi’s central PK with ease, then denied El Sharrawy, then denied Pellegrini once, twice, and so on and so forth.

Bereszynski - B - Unlucky to concede a clear handball, but was spared by Florenzi’s poor take. Did well to help his defense keep a clean sheet.

Silvestre (c) - B - Contained Dzeko all game, rendering the Bosnian useless.

Ferrari - C - Solid game didn’t really have to do much aside from try to stay alive during Roma’s 15 minute barrage on goal.

Murru - B - Assisted the lone goal with well-taken cross. Played hard all game.

Barreto - B - Tough and decisive early on with his slide tackles. Nearly scored on a stunning volley. Was a constant presence over the field.

Torreira - B - Dangerous with his movement and shooting, but disappeared in the second half. Still, showed why he is being tracked by big sides.

Linetty - C - Clean on the ball, making few mistakes here and there.

Ramirez - C - Strong on 50-50 balls, his lanky dribbling caused problems at times.

Caprari - B -Nearly scored a beautiful curler and was nuisance for Manolas, buzzing around and fighting for every ball. Was heroically stopped by an impenetrable Alisson.

Duvan Zapata - A - Strong, a dangerous presence. Great positioning for the goal. Was superior to his counter part, Dzeko the friendly ghost.


Kownacki - N/A - Made some runs, but nothing significant

Alvarez - N/A - Late sub

Capezzi - N/A - Late sub


Luca Banti- B - Hard to tell if Under’s volley was heading into the goal or not, some could argue that a red card should have been given. Other than that Banti officiated a fair game.


EDF - D - Viviano’s amazing performance aside, one must wonder what shooting practice looks like at Tragoria. The players really let the mister down with their finishing, drilling the ball straight at Viviano on most occasions... even the PK. However, the real issue stems from the player’s lack of intensity. Sure, they played a better second half, but when your center striker has one shot on goal there is a tactical issue. The crosses have to end, as they are so clearly ineffective. EDF’s job must be on the line after this game. It’s becoming hard to watch.

Marco Giampaolo - B - Tactically, Giampaolo bested EDF in the first half. His players’ quick passing and counter-attacking play was a handful for Roma’s midfield. His own midfield gelled with a noticeable interplay that EDF should take notes on. Pairing Caprari’s speed with Zapata’s strength was a wise move as Manolas and Juan Jesus were troubled all evening. His team lost wind in the second half but still got the goal on their only real chance. It was clear that team believes in their coach. I’m not sure the same can be said for Roma.