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De Rossi Likely to Miss SPAL Match

During a slow newsweek, De Rossi potentially missing only one match is cause for celebration.

Torino FC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

We’re really in the doldrums of the international break now, folks. Not only did Italy fail to impress in their friendly/maybe-its-a-real-match-who-cares-about-the-nations-league fixture yesterday, but the well of Roma news is practically dry. Sure, there was wind of an economic report, or at least the analysis of a prior report, hitting the airwaves today but I’m not an expert in economics, largely because my teacher looked like Super Mario and I’d always start humming the theme song rather than paying attention, but in a nutshell it’s this: they’re making gains in some areas while losing ground in others...C’est la vie, right?

And that’s really about it. Nicolas Burdisso, a Roma favorite, officially retired, people are laughing at Malcom (rightfully so) as he rots on the Barcelona bench, and Ante Coric might be heading out on a January loan, which seems like a wise decision given how far down the pecking order he’s fallen thus far, but very little by way of actual news has transpired.

With all that in mind, let’s turn to a tiny bit of substantive news, an update on our capitano, Daniele De Rossi. As you may recall, DDR was injured against Empoli last weekend, fighting through what turned out to be a fractured foot/toe, an injury that, while it’s not necessarily a concern for the WHO, tends to linger.

In the immediate wake of the injury, one that also claimed Aleksandar Kolarov as a victim, we remained cautiously optimistic that De Rossi would miss only three to four weeks of action, half of which would have been erased by the international break. Wishful thinking, especially by Roma standards, but today we received a sliver of hope that timeline might be accurate.

According to Sky, De Rossi is set to miss Roma’s home match against SPAL 2013 on October 20th, putting him halfway through his reported four week recovery. Considering that De Rossi logged a full 90 minutes in that match with no major issue after suffering that fracture, optimism abounds that he’ll be available for Roma’s crucial Champions League fixture against CSKA Moscow on the 23rd.

It goes without saying, but a healthy De Rossi will go a long way towards keeping Roma’s Champions League hopes alive.