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Manolas Ankle Injury Not Major

Phew... That could’ve been much worse.

Costa Rica v Greece: Round of 16 - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Yesterday, we reported that Kostas Manolas was on the radar of various teams as a possible transfer target and that he’s likely to receive a contract renewal to ward off any temptation to leave. Now Roma have another Manolas problem; the defender was injured yesterday in Greece’s UEFA Nations League C Group 2 match against Finland in Athens.

Manolas started for Greece at center back, but was forced to come off with an ankle issue. Manolas tried to stay on the field initially but was constrained to ask for a change. He was substituted after just 28 minutes.

EDF and company were sitting on pins and needles awaiting test results. Fortunately, tests revealed that Manolas suffered only a minor ankle sprain. It’s reported that the Greek will return to Trigoria tomorrow to begin therapy. Roma have Real Madrid coming to town in just under two weeks time and the absence of Manolas would be a huge blow to Roma’s chances off pulling off a big upset.