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Seeking Third Straight Win, Roma Women Take on Atalanta

A win tomorrow would push the ragazze’s unbeaten streak to five.

AS Roma

After stumbling in their first steps as a top flight professional club, the women of AS Roma have really found their stride over the past month. Currently riding a four-match unbeaten streak, one that crescendoed last week with a rollicking 7-1 win over Chievo, Roma have vaulted all the way to sixth place with ten points; a far cry from the days when they were near bottom dwellers back in September, and depending on how the weekend shakes out, Roma could rise as high as fourth place, putting the Champions League within reach.

What’s more, Roma’s turnaround has been as exciting as it’s been dramatic. During their four-match unbeaten streak, the Giallorosse have outscored their opponents by a whopping 14-4. Led by Annamaria Serturini’s four goals, Roma are now the fourth most prolific squad in the league, while their +5 goal differential ranks fifth, and were it not for their stumbling start, those figures would be even more sterling.

Atalanta v. Roma: November 24th. 14:30 CET/8:30 EST. Stadio Comunale, Mozzanica.

We mention it nearly every week when discussing this team, but we simply cannot say enough about this remarkable turnaround. Starting with their 2-1 victory over Florentia, Betty Bavagnoli’s side has, barring undefeated AC Milan, looked like the league’s most complete side. With a bevy of talent at her disposal, Bavagnoli’s attack runs at least five or six deep, with all three forwards and two-thirds of the midfield proving to be legitimate and dynamic scoring threats.

From Serturini and Agnese Bonfantini out wide to Giada Greggi and Claudia Ciccotti in the middle, there is simply no relenting in this Roma attack—even better, the defense, notably captain Elisa Bartoli and Emma Lipman, have jumped into the scoring fray in recent weeks. What’s most impressive about this win streak and that 14 goal haul is the spread of the action; Roma are hitting their opponents from virtually every angle, and thanks to some injuries and suspensions we’ve seen some of the bench players contributing as well, including a sensational debut from Trudi Carter last week. Point being, this team is D-E-E-P.

Despite their current form, Roma have a ways to go before we start discussing European qualification, which goes to the top two squads, but their turnaround has been so complete, what once seemed impossible almost seems predestined now. However, before we worry about European nights, Roma has a deity to tackle, ninth place Atalanta.

The Goddesses (at least I’m assuming that moniker carries over to the women’s side) have struggled mightily this season, teetering four points above the drop zone. With seven goals from seven matches, which have yielded seven points, Atalanta have at least been consistent in their lousy-ness, making them ideal fodder for Roma’s cannons.

You hate to assume anything in football, especially in a road match, but with Roma’s form and Atalanta’s...umm...lack of talent, the tables seem decidedly tipped in Roma’s favor. If Roma can capture even a fraction of what they displayed against Chievo, Atalanta won't stand a chance.