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Relive Roma’s Loss to Real Madrid (If You Dare)

Highlights of today’s 2-0 loss to Real Madrid.

AS Roma v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Group G Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Thanks to my real world responsibilities I wasn’t able to enjoy as much of this match in real time as I’d like, so please accept the lack of a traditional match review (for the time being at least). However, one look at the highlight package shows the same old Roma we’ve grown to know and love over the past two years: a complete and utter lack of execution in the final third confounding whatever chance Roma had to come away with a positive results.

Take one look at the highlight package and you’ll some frustrating finishing from the likes of Patrik Schick, Nicolo Zaniolo and Cengiz Ünder, who pretty much rewrote the book on missing a sitter...yeesh.

But, thanks to some results earlier in the day, it’s not all bad news: Roma are through to the knockout stages, so in the grand scheme of things that’s all that matters, but just who will be coaching the team when that day comes might suddenly be up for discussion.

In the meantime, enjoy Gareth Bale’s hair...