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Roma Draws Barcelona in Champions League Quarterfinals

Of course they did

As we mentioned yesterday, when you advance this far in the Champions League, there are no easy outs—every club has reached this point for a reason; they’re good, and even if they’ve been punching above their weight, they’ve found some inefficiency to exploit. Even so, putting that all aside, why did it have to be Barcelona!? Why, why, why did Roma have to get Barcelona?

While some might argue that Manchester City is the best team in Europe at the moment, they can’t hold a candle to Barca’s European resume, nor do they have Lionel Messi. Can’t forget about that pesky little bugger.

We’ll save the Xs and Os for the coming days and weeks, but let’s take a look at how the players, experts and fans reacted to Roma’s lack of luck in the Champions League draw.

Man, I wish Totti could play in this one, but EDF remained as you’d expect, level headed and pragmatic...

That’s the suits take, but what about the guys on the pitch, what do they think about Roma’s chances against Barca?

And finally, the rest of the draw...

As we mentioned, we’ll dig a lot deeper into this fixture over the next week or so, but for now, what do we think? Can Roma pull off the upset?