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Dzeko Tops ESPNFC’s Weekly Power Poll

The Bosnian Batistuta’s stellar turn against Napoli didn’t go unnoticed.

SSC Napoli v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

While Edin Dzeko isn’t exactly repeating last year’s capocannoniere pace, truth be told, he’s had a fairly steady season. Despite a lull during late fall through early winter, where he managed only two goals and three assists from the end of October through early January, Dzeko has still done most of the little things well—providing a reference point up top, holding up play and providing some pretty amazing assists. His shots and expected goals remain among the leagues best as well, though, depending on where you look, he may or may not be underperforming on the expected goals, but whatevs...

Fortunately for Roma, the Dzeko well is once again bursting forth. With four goals and an assist over his last ten matches, Dzeko seems to be brimming with confidence, and why shouldn’t he?

During last week’s 4-2 shocker over Napoli, Dzeko was practically perfect, scoring two goals, one of which would have made Allen Iverson proud, while serving as an outlet for the rest of Roma’s attack.

And despite how EPL and La Liga-centric ESPNFC can be, they placed Dzeko firmly atop their weekly power rankings, though, as you’ll see, they spoke about him for all of maybe five seconds before shifting to Lionel Messi.

Still, it’s nice to be recognized, right?

I can’t seem to embed it, but you can view the power rankings right here.