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Roma Returns to ICC in 2018

Maybe we’ll take the crown this year?

AS Roma v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Leg Two

While most of us are still on a high following Roma’s improbable comeback against Barcelona and relishing the idea of playing in the Champions League final, James Pallotta and Co. are hard at work to realize his dream of Roma becoming everyone’s second favorite team.

The club announced via Twitter that our beloved club will be making a return to the United States to take part in the International Champions Cup once again. Roma participated in the tournament last year, playing the likes of PSG, Juventus, and Tottenham, with Roma losing to a pre-Neymar PSG and to Juve on penalties, while beating Tottenham in a 3-2 thriller.

Ultimately, given that this is a pre-season tournament, the results don’t matter, as the ICC provides great exposure for the club. Plus, it serves as a perfect opportunity to potentially meet up with your fellow CdT readers at a game or two. I’ll be recovering from taking the Bar Exam so I’d love the chance to catch a few of these games this summer and see our boys in action.