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Veni, Vidi, Vici: Roma Release Armor Inspired Home Kits for 2018/19 Season

Roma’s new home kits will be an ode to the city’s imperial past.

After much speculation has floated around the internet for months, the wondering can finally stop. Roma and Nike officially unveiled their home jerseys for the 2018/19 season today. Roma released a statement on their official website, which explained the design of the jersey.

The shirt, inspired by the ancient history of Rome, features a chainmail armour design across the front of the shirt – links that symbolise the unbreakable bond between AS Roma, the city and the club’s fans around the world.

The design seems to have been well thought out by both Nike and the club, as they look to not only channel the history of the club, but also the proud history of the city. The chainmail armor look is an ode to Rome’s imperial past; a time when Romans conquered Italy and much of Europe. These same ambitions are now ubiquitous at the club after their deep run in this year’s Champions League. Roma will look to conquer both the peninsula and the continent on the pitch like the legions of Rome once did on the battlefield 2,000 years ago.

The idea of the chainmail also being a link between the team, city, and its fans worldwide adds another layer to the meaning behind the shirt. As Roma continue to try to grow their brand globally, they are creating the idea that each fan is a link in the chainmail that binds the club and its fans as one.

The press released continue with the following.

The distinctive chainmail design – known as the lorica hamata – occupies the whole front of the shirt, giving the impression of a suit of armour as the players enter the pitch.

The same intense red completes the rest of the kit, with different tones on the sleeve adding a modern touch.

The Nike swoosh and crewneck collar add flashes of yellow, ensuring the club and city’s famous colours are on full show.

Roma will need to battle like the legions of old in their new “suits of armor” as the jerseys will make their on field debut this Sunday against Juventus. Allegri will be leading the Bianconeri into Rome from the Alps to attempt to conquer the city, much like Hannibal on his elephants during antiquity. Roma will attempt to drive back the enemy at the gates and secure their spot in the Champions League. A win Sunday against the all but official seven time Scudetto winners, in their new kits, will also signal their intent for next season. Roma will look to plant their colors on the Olimpico battlefield this Sunday, as they look to return Roma and Rome to glory next season like the legions of old.