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Ünder Drawing Eyes from Arsenal and Monaco

Üh oh

Spal v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

We’re only half way through May, but allow me to summarize Roma’s summer with two simple words: Ünder and Alisson, as in, Cengiz and, well, Alisson. No matter who Roma may sell or buy this summer, none will have quite the same impact on our collective stress levels as these two jewels. Bought for a collective €20 million, the pair is easily worth five or six times that now after their impressive 2017-2018 campaigns. It’s been a long time since Roma has had one, let alone two, assets quite like this, so young and so highly sought after, that whether they stay or go they’re sure to garner the lion’s share of headlines this summer.

We’ve talked about Alisson’s potential suitors ad nauseam this spring, and while we’ve long expected people will starting circle around Ünder, to date we haven’t seen many actual teams connected to 20-year-old winger. Well, wonder no more, because the queue forms to the left.

Football Italia passed along a report earlier today, indicating that Arsenal and Monaco are the first two clubs queueing up for Ünder. Per that report, one or both clubs have approached Roma with €35 million offers, which would represent a substantial profit on the €13 million Monchi paid for him last summer, but they were swiftly rebuked, as Roma reportedly value Ünder at €50 million.

When Ünder was signed last summer many of us greeted the signing with a sincere and heartfelt “Huh? Who?”, so his incredible rise this season is testament to Monchi’s eye for talent. However, part of what made Monchi so famous during his time with Sevilla was not just his scouting eye, but his ability to reap huge financial windfalls off those previously unknown players.

So what will Ünder become: a building block or a bottom line bragging right? I can’t imagine Roma will make that decision this summer, but if Ünder continues this upward trend, stories like these will become quite commonplace.