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Full 2018-19 AS Roma Kit Line Leaks

Oh noooo! Hide your eyes Laziale, TRUE Roman shirts are here!

SS Lazio v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images

After the release of the 2018-19 home kit just a few weeks ago, official Nike photos of next season’s away and third kits have leaked. Thanks to Il Romanista for sharing the leaked photos online first. Without further ado, here they are, ALL of the kits for next season:

Home Kit

Already released and worn, here’s a quick reminder of what Roma’s main shirt will look like for the next 12 months or so:

Away Kit

If you are a fan of a pure white away kit, turn away! If you are a fan of the lupetto logo...turn around? Yes, Roma’s 2018-19 away kit is a two-toned grey with black print, a tad similar to the third kit of a few years back. There is one big accent piece to this shirt: The giallo e rosso stripe down the back collar. If you look closely, the much loved lupetto can be found at the top of the stripe. I love that logo, can’t get enough of it, and only wish it was ALSO on the front of the shirt as well.

Third Kit

As an urban planner/architect, the 2014-15 away kit quickly became my favorite simply because Nike screened Giambattista Nolli’s famous Pianta di Roma on the front. For those who aren’t dorks like myself (I have a giant reproduction of the map hanging in my apartment), this “Map of Rome” from the 18th century was truly groundbreaking at the time. Nolli mapped the entire city on 12 large plates, using a solid black fill of ink to represent private buildings while actually showing the interior floor plans of public buildings such as churches or landmarks like the Pantheon. The map was so accurate that it was used for official Roma city matters even up until as late as 1970.

Alright, enough urban planning talk already! If you couldn’t guess from that rant, the Nolli plan is back! This time, it is on the third kit which is a BRIGHT shade of orange with red print. This kit, similar to the away, has a vertical stripe on the back collar.

Goalkeeper Kits

Unlike Kappa, Nike has unfortunately not released goalkeeper kits for regular sale, so don’t get too excited about buying that purple Alisson shirt you so desperately want (one because they won’t sell ya one, and two because you’d probably have to get SKORUPSKI on the back instead).

So there you have it! Roma’s FULL kit line for next season. What are your thoughts? Chime off in the comments, and have fun with the poll below.


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