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Roma v. Spurs Pre-Match: EDF and Strootman Speak

The coach and the general speak on squad chemistry in San Diego

AS Roma v Avellino - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It’s a little confusing keeping track of ICC match kick-offs from here in Europe. I’ve had it in my head that Roma play Spurs on the 26th, but for most of the CdT I’m guessing kick-off is on the 25th July.

Whichever the case may be for you, Eusebio Di Francesco and Kevin Strootman were called to give some insight on where the squad stands, Rick Karsdorp’s muscle fatigue thigh injury and yet further praise for Ivan Marcano. This is interpreted from the original article at ForzaRoma.

A verdict on Olsen? Do you know what happened with Malcom?

EDF: “There are many other players around, and it just didn’t go how Monchi wanted. It doesn’t interest me anymore, we’re thinking about other players. As for the goalkeepers, we want to adapt them to our game and having Savorani helps.”

How are the new players in general adapting?

EDF: “It takes time. I like Pastore’s approach to fitness most of all. The data says he has grown. But Marcano is the one who’s adapted the best, I’ve liked his attitude a lot.”

Strootman: “The new players who’ve already arrived are working well. There are those who are young, and those who are more experienced. It’s not easy to show your quality straight away, but they’re doing well and they want to be protagonists in the team right away. Monchi’s done good work, and it’s up to us to show we can be competitive in all competitions.”

Your relationship with Coric?

Strootman: “He’s new and he’s very humble. Yesterday he wanted to nutmeg a senior player and he admitted to me that he was scared of doing it. He’s among those at the club with the most quality. He still has to grow physically, but he’s very humble. He can give that something more to our season.”

You lost a character in Nainggolan. Of the new players, who strikers you as though they could be similar to you in character?

Strootman: “Nainggolan was a fighter on the pitch, a warrior. Unfortunately he left, and it’s difficult to say whether anyone has his kind of quality. We will see in the matches. Marcano has the right mentality, he fights and always wants to win. I remind all the players that they want to win. They always tell me that I looked pissed off but it’s not like that, that’s just my expression. I hope that the new players will do better than Radja even if that will be difficult. I’m sure that they will do well.”

How is Karsdorp?

EDF: “He won’t be available for tomorrow but he needs continuity, and hoping for no more setbacks like the one yesterday.”

What does Roma need to be competitive in Italy and Europe?

EDF: “It’s a different situation compared to a year ago. We’re always watching the mercato, we have top players but if we can do something important we’ll do it. I prefer not to tell you all anything, as we know what to do and we’ll move when an opportunity presents itself. The matches help us to understand the choices we have to make.”

Have you been around San Diego?

EDF: “We don’t have that chance right now, but when we have a free day we’ll make the most of it because it looks to us like a truly beautiful city.”

Returning to Rome ten days before the season begins - does that change anything for you in terms of preparation?

EDF: “We won’t have the same program as last year because we immediately got all the new players on board this time. Integrating them is important, and to have them in the best condition possible helps to push each other even more and reach the first day of the season in the ascendancy. Getting minutes in everyone’s legs will be important.”

It’s your sixth season as a Roma player. Do you want to stay?

Strootman: “I’ve never talked about leaving. Last year I renewed for five years. You journalists say that Roma want to sell me, or that I want to leave. I’m happy here, and if they don’t send me away then I’ll stay.”